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Time Until El Mirage
  • This is a long text about the Coalition's recent work and its' projects.  The beginning is here -- the rest is a click or two farther into the site.  The rest of the story begins with :Grassroots Campaign".

    Dear Coalition Members:
    After providing the BLM with ample opportunity to substantively address our grievances, we are now launching a grassroots campaign to help institute a permanent salt replenishment program.  The following provides context for the campaign along with information about the Coalition website and related activities.
  • Here is the Pre-Entry list for the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials in September of 2007. A staggering 163 entries for the meet. BUB has always wanted an international type of event, and he hot it this year with entries from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Switerland and France. The event boasts both National AMA and World FIM Record Sanctions. Event dates are September 2-6, 2007 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover Utah. This list does not show specific classes for the FIM entries. That list will be listed when available. If the entry is highlighted or underlined then it is clickable to see a picture of that vehicle. If your entry does not have a picture, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can get it shown with the entry.
  • Our Land Speed email list came up with a pretty good checklist started by Keith Turk and Jim Dincau. Successfull teams run with a list time and time again. It is very critical that one be used and implemented. SO here is one to start with and you can modify it accordingly to your vehicle and/or needs.

  • El Mirage 200 MPH Club

    July 2007


    Hot July weather combined with good course conditions supplied us with even hotter performances this meet.

  • July 15, 2007 was the third El Mirage meet of the year. There were 113 entries, that resulted in 23 records, 196 vehicle starts. It was reported that it was one of the best courses on the dirt in a very long period of time. And all entrants had a chance for three runs. There was one new candidate for the El Mirage 200 Club, Scott Horner A/BG 1350cc class running 206.7 mph on a 201.1 mph record. Fastest car was Willie Freudiger running 223.588 mph, in the D/FMR class. John Noonan was fast bike of the meet on a turbo Hayabusa running 235.924 mph on a 221.3 mph record in the 1650cc APS-BF class. Read on for the results of meet.

    • Ford to attempt land speed record for production-based fuel cell powered vehicle at Bonneville with the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999.
    • Ford, Ohio State University, Ballard and Roush are collaborating to build and engineer the hydrogen fuel cellelectric powertrains.
    • Ohio State University will attempt to set the land speed record for unlimited class fuel cell powered vehicle with the Buckeye Bullet 2.
  • By Bill Hoddinott

    "Bonneville Motorcycle Streamliners - Interviews with the Stars" is a book of articles reprinted full size with permission from Bonneville Racing News. The in-depth interviews appeared beginning 2002 and cover up to the September 2006 BUB Meet when new F.I.M. World Records were set (pending official confirmation). This book is a companion to "Arduns at Bonneville - Interviews with the Stars" and "Ardun Technical - What Makes It Go" which are also in print.
  • The SCTA is honored to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the BSA-the nation's largest youth service organization, which now boasts 2.8 million youth members, 1.3 million adult volunteers and 50 million alumni.  The SCTA and the BNI board have granted free entry to the all Boy Scouts and Scout Masters at Speed Week August 14-20, 2010. They will also be issued Pit passes. This will provide a cool way for the scouts to explore the science and engineering of Land Speed racing.   For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit www.scouting.org  or www.scouting.org/100years

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of Scouting in the United States with many celebrations and events happening. One of those events is the National Jamboree held in Virginia this July. Over 40,000 Scouts and leaders from all over the country will attend.  Each Scout Council will send a contingent of Scouts and leaders to participate. The Great Salt Lake Council will send one of the largest contingents in the nation. (645 people consisting of 16 Troops plus 5 staff members)
    As part of the planning process, each of the contingents selects a theme, representing something unique to their Council, to feature on their shoulder patches. Patch trading is a huge part of the Jamboree experience for each Scout and the competition to have the most unique set of patches is nothing short of amazing.  After many excellent and spirited proposals were made at our Jamboree meetings, the Scouts voted to have Bonneville race cars on their patches to represent our Council.

    To make this year’s 2010 100th Anniversary of BSA even more special and exciting.  The Speed Demon Team, George Poteet and Ron Main, will be taking the entire Troop 601 to attend the opening of Speed Week 2010 at the Bonneville Salt Flats on August 14, 2010.
    Troop 601 is designated as the special needs troop of the 17 other troops from the Great Salt Lake Council that will attend the Jamboree.  Troop 601 consists of 31 Scouts ranging in age from 13 to 48 year old assisted by Scoutmaster, Paul Aldous and 8 assistant Scoutmasters.  Wait – you asked how do they have a 48 year old Scout and why so many assistant Scoutmasters?  .  Terry, who is our 48 year old, is excited as anyone could be to attend the Jamboree.  He is diabetic and very hard to understand but that does not curtail his Scout spirit.  There are nine Scouts who have special needs.  The needs range from learning disorders, Down syndrome, autism, muscular disorders and the list goes on.  When we discuss our needs the attitude focuses on ability rather the disability.  Each Scout has a ‘can do’ mind-set.  They want to do everything offered at the Jambo including shooting, fishing, scuba diving and run the marathon.  The majority of the boys are Eagle Scouts including several who are special need Scouts.  They each understand the values of living by the Scout Oath and Law.  Helpfulness and Loyalty are especially important to each member of Troop 601 for they look out for their buddies.  Leadership of Troop 601 is lead by the boys and the patrol method is how we take care of the needs of each member.
    Our troop amulet is the Bonneville race car, Speed Demon.  George Poteet and Ron Main have been so kind to allow us to ware their car on our Council Service Patch.  The Scouts all love the Speed Demon and look forward to attending Speed Week 2010 at the Bonneville Speedway in August.  We know the Speed Demon is an amazing car and Troop 601 has a high goal to achieve such a standard as this world class race car has but we promise to do our best, work hard and have lots of fun.

  • Impound Insights
    El Mirage July 2010
    By Dan Warner

    The July meet can be wrapped into one word – WOW! Weather was real nice for this time of year on the desert, low 100s with a cloud cover at times that brought the temps down. A brief rain misting on Saturday and Sunday was welcome but brought the dreaded humidity that our friends on the East coast love so much.

    Before going further, I want to congratulate John Noonan and the Noonan/Derwin/Moreland entry. Their 1650-APSBF Hayabusa ran the fastest open bike speed ever at the dirt, a 252.924 record. Clearly an amazing accomplishment by all involved.

    We got our first Dirty Two club member of the decade with Doug Macmillan driving his Hondata CRX entry in G/BGAlt class to a new record of 201. The past two years Doug knocked around the 200 MPH mark by setting records from 195 to 199. Congratulations Doug, welcome to the club.

    There were a further 10 car and 9 motorcycle records in addition to the two mentioned above. John Rank and the Salty Dogs Racing AA/GMR set their third class record of the year, bumping last month’s record to a new 224. Rick Yacoucci drove the Costella-Yacoucci-Pappas-Stevens XF/BFS to another record, 238.9, just a small jump over the 238.3 from last month. This small move allowed Michele Brading, Costella-Dennee K/GL moved to within one point of Rick. Michele was on course early and ran 156 in class, a huge jump over the 143 record. SCTA Secretary/Assistant Starter Miriam Macmillan took a few minutes to take her Hondata CRX entry in the F/FCC class to a new record of 184, a another huge jump over the old record by over 16 MPH. This allowed Miriam to move into third place in points -10 to the leader and one above her husband Doug who was mentioned earlier. Richard Reed took the V4F/BStR of R2 Racin’ to a new class record at 124.9 MPH. Mark Lintner took a lap at 161, 10 over the class record, in the Eyres-Moreland-Lintner H/BGMR. Greg Martinez had a blown head gasket last month in his new V4F/BGL. This is a beautiful car and Greg was rewarded by a class record of 147 over the minimum of 140. I made him remove the head in order to measure the engine for class. We sealed it up so he will good to go for Speedweek. The third Jack Costella designed streamliner running the dirt this year belongs to driver Tim Cunha. The Costella & Cunha J/GS ran a fine 149.6 MPH. The final car record fell to Peter Shotrosky and his Steve’s machine F/PMP Ford Ranger at 137.6 MPH, 1.5 over his old record.

    In addition to Fast John Noonan Ralph Leclercq on the Honda Racing 650-P-P added .8 to the record, 164.9 MPH. Wink Eller and his Tri-Pod II 3000-SC-PF rig set the class record up to 170 MPH. Dave Iverson Knuckle Head entry, 1000-A-VG, set a record at 132.5 MPH and Derek McLeish had the Team McLeish Bros. entry up to speed with new 750-SCS-F class record. David Isley rode the Islet Racing 1350-SC-PG entry to a new record of 159 MPH.  Jamie Wagner's bikes set two records this meet. Jamie Wagner rode his 1000-A-G bike to a record speed of 172 and Jeannie Pflum rode his 1000 P/P to a 193 record.  Good job, Jeannie!  Harry Meeker wraps up the motorcycle records with a nice 132 run on his MPH Racing 750-SC-PBG entry.

    As you can see there were a lot of big jumps in speeds. I will go on a limb and suggest that the course relocation and cloud cover helped quite a bit this weekend. I did notice some entry code errors which nullified some runs. Please be careful when filing out your entries. The coding cannot be changed after the first vehicle runs.

    Well, its off to Bonneville in a little over three weeks. Good luck to all attending Speedweek and we’ll see everyone else at the September 12th lakes meet.
  • Larry Volk was on the salt a few days ago (early July) and reports that it looks very good for the upcoming racing season. Based on what he reported there will be three courses again for Speedweek. The site for the long course has been chosen -- but won't be surveyed and set up 'til all are comfortable that there won't be a weather disaster.  A long course and two short courses have been dragged in to shape, and the short course is dragged for 8 miles in case the present long course gets farkled by weather.  The special course is four miles long.

    Thanks to Dallas Volk for correcting me on the details I got wrong when I first posted this.  Oh, yeah -- and I hear that Larry V. was treated to a Father's Day meal at the Salt Flats cafe, where Marcelo is still firmly in charge.  We look forward to meals there again this year.

    Stay tuned for further updates.
  • 07/17/09
    Following a report complied by Tech Committee Chair, Cars Lee Kennedy, Motorcycle Committee Chair Van Butler and Goodyear Tire engineers the SCTA Board of Directors voted to make the 17x22x2.5 tire illegal for use as a DRIVE TIRE.
    The tire in question is a 22x2.5 on a 17” rim and many tire manufacturers make this size of racing tire for drag racing.  It is made by Goodyear and is listed as a “Top Fuel” "Frontrunner" and has a tire code of D1445. Carroll Shelby has a part number of 808-102-089 or for the 22x4.5x17 a part number of 808-130-089. Some examples of other tire manufactures who make this tire include Mickey Thompson with a part number of 672-3004 and Phoenix tire with a part number of 932-PH460.

  • A note regarding our 2nd Pre-Trip July 20-23 Trip went well. (Almost) On Sunday the 20th, as we traveled, it rained all through Las Vegas and a lot through ELY up through White Horse Pass just South of Wendover. It cleared up by Wendover and had not rained at all there. Monday we spent all day setting up and dragging. Salt was Hard, Dry and Smooth, Weather was in low 90s and overcast. We completely finished the Long Course (8 mi) and had both the Short Courses ready to go to begin dragging again on Tues. morning. It Thundered and Lighting most of the night (Monday night) but no rain fell in Downtown Wendover. Not so on the salt flats, there was considerable water standing across most of our race course areas and we had to call off any further work for this trip. We decided to wait until we arrive just prior (A week) to the event to do the finishing touches on the courses. With no further rain ( the storm had passed through) in sight we feel that the water should be gone in a few days and the salt will be left in at least as good condition (Great) as it was prior to the storm. As we left Wendover the weather was Clear and Hot (Of Course) Well keep you up dated from now until the event with reports as we get them. A special thanks to the other members of our Advance Crew. Russ Eyres, Fred Dannenfelzer, Jim Jensen, Jim Dunn and Larry Volk. Mike Waters, Chairman BNI

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