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Time Until Speed Week 2020
Here is the Pre-Entry list for the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials in September of 2007. A staggering 163 entries for the meet. BUB has always wanted an international type of event, and he hot it this year with entries from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Switerland and France. The event boasts both National AMA and World FIM Record Sanctions. Event dates are September 2-6, 2007 at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wendover Utah. This list does not show specific classes for the FIM entries. That list will be listed when available. If the entry is highlighted or underlined then it is clickable to see a picture of that vehicle. If your entry does not have a picture, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can get it shown with the entry.

**Some vehicles shown in pictures are from previous years meets and may not be the same configuration during the 2007 meet.**

MC # Entrant Name Class-AMA FIM State/Country
7 Bub Seven 3000-S-BF Y CA
14 Team Klockwerks 500-MPS-PG   SD
18 Ted King RWB   KS
20 Team Swiss Performance 3000-?-? Y Switzerland
21 Team Swiss Performance 3000-?-? Y Switzerland
24 HDTUSA 750-P-D   CA
25 Big Inch Racing 2000-MPS-PG CA
26 Eric Manning/BUB Racing 50-MPS-BF Y CA
27 William Gore RWB   CA
29 Jim Black RWB   MT
30 Axtel/Baisley 2000-M-PG   IA
32 BMW North America/GTR 1350-?-? Y CA
35 Krugger Speedshop 1000-APS-PP Y Belgium
39 Goldammer Cycle Works 1000-APS-PBF Canada
42 The Crucible's Die MOTO 3000-APS-D Y CA
45 Buell Bros Racing 1350-APS-PG WI
50 5 Ball Racing 2000-APS-PF CA
51 W James Broaddus RWB   CA
52 John Yates 3000-MPS-?   ID
53 John Johnson 1350-P-P   NV
61 John Liesinger RWB   GA
62 Salt Wheels Racing 2000-A-PG   OH
74 The Grey Ghost 1350-M-PP   IL
83 Vision -One 750-APS-AG   AZ
85 Vision -One 750-APS-AG   AZ
87 Vision -One 750-APS-AG   AZ
89 Bakker Motorsports 125-MPS-AF   CA
94 McBride Competition 1000-M-BG Y NB
95 McBride Competition 1000-P-P Y NB
98 Bennett's Performance Inc 1650-A-PG   CA
101 Julian Bivins 1000-P-P Y AZ
104 GR Cycle 150kg-A-W   IN
112 Steve Baisinger RWB   WA
113 Joshua Dexter RWB   CO
120 Team Victory 2000-M-AG   MN
125 Richardson Racing 125-M-AF   CA
131 Lee Omer 500-A-AF   SD
159 Next Year Racing RWB   OR
189 Bakker Motorsports 125-MPS-AF   CA
194 Bakker Motorsports RWB   NZ
196 Two Ton Racing 1350-MPS-AG Y OR
200 Lynn King 1350-M-P   WA
209 Team Amo/Top One 650-MPS-BF Y CO
222 Goldammer Cycle Works 250-A-AG   Canada
240 Tom Mellor 750-MPS-PG   Canada
276 Bonnefied LSR 500-A-PG Y Canada
280 Terry Prince 350-SC-VF   Aus
310 Kent Lorenz RWB   IA
312 Bob Baumgartner RWB   IL
314 Team Downieville Racing RWB   CA
315 Lonnie Harmon RWB   MO
329 Pepperoni Brothers 750-M-PF   CA
331 NRHS V-Twin Performance 1350-M-PG   CO
333 Team Klockwerks 3000-MPS-PG SD
351 Tony Braunreiter/PCD Racing 1000-MPS-AG UT
369 Jon De Maine RWB   IL
389 Ellard Extreme Racing/Gates Perf 3000-M-AG   CO
440 Greg Hunter RWB   UT
444 Jessup Sport Cycles 500-M-VG   TX
477 Belen Wagner 175-M-MF Y AL
492 Dead Jesters Racing 1000-APS-BG AZ
494 Budd Fab 50-S-AF Y CA
513 Mabry, Wade and Walthal 750-APS-PF   Tx
519 Richard Assen 1350-MPS-BG Y Aus
567 Baling Wire Racing 1350-APS-BF WA
583 Michael Cooper 750-P-P   OH
591 Four C's Equipment 1350-M-PG   CA
600 Bill Woods 650-A-BG   WA
601 Mabry, Wade and Walthal 1350-APS-PBF TX
604 Mabry, Wade and Walthal 1000-APS-BF Tx
605 Mabry, Wade and Walthal 750-APS-PBF TX
641 Scott Guthrie Racing 1650-APS-BF Canada
641 Thunder Road Racing 750-APS-VG   Canada
666 Left Coast Racing/Team Dubbs 1000-S-PG   CA
691 Fatbook Flyer 2000-M-PF   CA
692 Paul Starkweather 1000-APS-BG Y OR
711 Steve Hammel 1000-M-VG   WI
717 Jason Omer/Sodium Distortion 350-A-BF   WA
785 Lambky's Liner 3000-S-BBF   KS
793 John Noonan Racing 1650-MPS-BF Y CA
805 Keepers of the Blue Flame Unltd-A-W Y CA
889 Top One Ack Attack 3000-S-BG Y CA
900 Craig Downing RWB   WA
926 Vee Rod Harley Team 1650-A-AG   IN
927 Ellard Extreme Racing 3000-M-PF   CO
930 Speranza Racing 1650-SC-PF   ID
949 Warp Speed Racing 175-A-AF   CA
999 E-Z-Hook/Sam Wheeler 1350-S-AF Y CA
1114 FRCP Racing 1000-A-PBG   CA
1150 William's Arrow 500-S-BF   Canada
1160 D&D Perf Ent./Custom Chrome 2000-M-PF   TX
1161 D&D Perf Ent. 2000-APS-PBF TX
1164 James Flattery RWB   CO
1194 Shockwave 1300-SC-BF   CA
1333 New Leaf Racing 350-SC-AG   MN
1389 Ellard Extreme Racing/Gates Perf 3000-M-AF   CO
1414 Jeff Wuerl/Jeff's Cycle Service 1650-M-PG   MT
1441 Randy Crenshaw RWB   CO
1526 Daniel J Gillespie Jr RWB   AR
1717 Edward Kennedy RWB   AZ
1777 Alain Miran/Hein Gericke Tribe to Speed ?-?-?   France
1926 Eagle HD 1650-A-AG   IN
1943 Jim Benson RWB   KY
1952 Harold Hall RWB   IN
1953 J&P Cycles Express 1650-S-PG Y IA
1954 J&P Cycles Express 1350-S-PG Y IA
1955 J&P Cycles Express 1350-S-PG Y IA
1956 J&P Cycles Express 1650-S-PG Y IA
1957 Mark Bosworth RWB   MO
1970 William Scherer 1650-MPS-AF Y CA
1973 William Scherer 1650-M-AF Y CA
1976 Leslie Portfield/High Five Cycles 1350-MPS-BG Y TX
1984 Brian Tierney 1000-MPS-PG WI
1987 NRHS V-Twin Performance 2000-MPS-PF CO
1989 Bennett's Performance Inc 1650-APS-PG CA
1994 Paul Lopez RWB   CA
1999 Scootster Inc 1350-A-PG   NB
2013 Geffion Racing RWB   CA
2224 Thunder Struck Racing 1350-P-P   IA
2305 Thunder Struck Racing 1350-P-P   FL
2720 Craig Anderson 1000-SCS-AG Y CA
2727 Midnight Blues 1650-M-PG   UT
2785 Lambky's Liner 3000-S-VBF   KS
2908 Ross Anker RWB   NC
3100 Brent Stille RWB   SD
3236 Velo Tejano Loco 3000-MPS-VF TX
3253 Velo Tejano Loco 3000-M-B   TX
3278 Dale Fossen RWB   Canada
3295 Whiley Scooters 175-M-UF   Canada
3506 Kerry O'Day RWB   TX
3642 Vincent Vikings 1000-M-VG   NV
3691 Curtis Mumaw RWB   WA
4444 Eric Berg 350-APS-P   NY
4900 The Salt Shaker 2000-S-PG   CA
4949 Budd Fab 50-S-AF Y CA
5050 Costella Swedetech 100-S-? Y CA
5051 Erin Hunter RWB   CA
5111 Wild Brothers Racing 1650-M-AG   FL
5154 Team Subtle Crowbar 1000-?-?   CA
5211 Belen Wagner 250-M-AF Y AL
5405 Geffion Racing RWB   CA
5711 Flat Out Racing/Red Sled 1650-MPS-AF PA
5751 Flat Out Racing/Red Sled 1650-MPS-AG PA
6544 Pdubu's Iron Kitten 1350-M-PF   WA
6662 Nick Roberts RWB   KY
7007 Marty Smith RWB   CA
7142 Lynn Alan Pfeiler RWB   OH
7242 Kevin Weherly RWB   CA
7497 Go Dog Go! 1000-MPS-P   OR
7777 Wrecking Krew 3000-P-PP Y OR
7852 Bronson Alcott RWB   MD
7949 Daniel J Fredman RWB   WY
8887 Michael Hawk 650-P-P   CA
9276 Ellard Extreme Racing 3000-M-PG   CO
9450 Mark Gordon Racing 1000-MPS-AG OH
9494 Warp Speed Racing 175-APS-AF   CA
9573 Team Amo Can 1350-MPS-PG FL
9990 Chop 'n Grind 1650-M-PG   CA

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