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Time Until Speed Week 2020

Our Land Speed email list came up with a pretty good checklist started by Keith Turk and Jim Dincau. Successfull teams run with a list time and time again. It is very critical that one be used and implemented. SO here is one to start with and you can modify it accordingly to your vehicle and/or needs.

Check lists for a F/SR (mechanical injection, unblown, gas, short course)
For bigger faster cars add parachutes, alcohol, nitrous, nitro, attendant
paraphernalia and a much more comprehensive spare parts list

1. Engine prep
2. Car Prep
3. Trailer Prep
4. Trailer loading
5. Pits Set up
6. Pre-race
7. Starting line
8. Shut down
9. Between run Maintenance

Engine prep

1. Portable fire extinguisher standing by
2. Check valve lash
3. Check main Jet
4. Check barrel valve leakdown
5. Set timing
6. Install warm up plugs
7. Fill radiator and bleed head
8. Fill fuel tank and bleed lines
9. Fill oil tank and bleed lines
10. Pre-heat oil
11. Prime oil system
12. Start
a. Fuel on
b. Power on
c. Starter engaged
d. Open throttle
e. Oil pressure
f. Close throttle
g. Ignition on
h. Maintain 2,000 RPM
13. Check oil pressure
14. Check for fuel, oil and water leaks
15. Set idle RPM
16. Check throttle response
17. Warm up and shut down, use fuel shut off!
18. Check valve lash
19. Check head bolt torque
20. Check oil filter screen
21. Check barrel valve leakdown if linkage adjusted
at throttle response check and note new rate
22. If all is OK, sit down, lean back, relax, have a
drink and revel in the glory of just being

Car Prep

1. Drain fuel tank
2. Check wheel bearings
3. Check fluids
a. Rear end
b. Trans
c. Engine oil
d. Battery
e. Radiator
4. Clutch adjusted
5. Tire Pressures
6. Moon disks on
7. Fire extinguisher and harness cert OK
8. Blow out fire extinguisher lines
9. Fittings and fasteners tight
10. Charge battery
11. Injector stack plugs in
12. Power off
13. Do the brakes work at all?

Trailer Prep

1. Wheel bearings
2. Tire pressures
3. Grease ball and load levelers
4. Spare tire present and actually inflated

Pack Trailer/motor home

1. Drivers gear
2. Tools
3. CO2 bottle
4. Tune up parts
a. Spark plugs
b. Jets
c. QC gears
5. Fluids
a. Fuel
b. Oil
c. Water (empty barrel, fill before arriving at track)
b. Brake cleaner
d. Hand cleaner
6. Spare parts
a. An endless list moderated by paranoia, cash reserves and storage space
7. Shop towels
8. Floor jack and stands
9. Tow Strap
10. Battery charger
11. Weather station
12. CB radio
13. Portable fire extinguisher
14. Trash bags
15. Tarp and stakes
16. Canopy
17. Coolers
18. Chairs
19. Table
20. Umbrella that clamps to roll cage
21. And oh yes the car, and make sure its tied down right

Pit set up

1. Cooler in shade
2. Tarp
3. Canopy
4. Car out
5. Tie downs stored, otherwise they will walk away
6. Car prepped for tech
a. Drivers gear
b. Log book
c. Tow strap
d. Moon disks off
e. CB radio
f. Portable fire extinguisher
g. Dzus button tool & dust cover allen wrench


1. Cooler still in shade
2. Tire Pressures
3. Lug nuts
4. Moon disks on
5. Fire bottle pin in
6. Fuel car
7. Check main Jet
8. Barrel valve leakdown
9. Timing
10. Warm up plugs
11. Pre-heat oil
12. Prime oil system
13. Injector stack plugs removed
14. Start and warm up, fire extinguisher standing by
15. Check oil pressure and idle RPM
16. Check for fuel, oil and water leaks
17. Check valve lash
18. Race plugs in
19. Injector stack plugs in
20. Gear ratio
21. Charge battery
22. Fill out race log page
23. Driver's gear, weather station, radio, fire extinguisher,
umbrella and small cooler with drinks in push truck
24. Cooler still in shade

Starting line

1. Injector stack plugs removed
2. Fire bottle safety pin removed
3. Reset tach
4. Driver prepared
a. Sufficiently hydrated?
b. Inhale deeply while starter tightens belts
5. Starting sequence
a. Fuel on
b. Power on
c. Starter engaged
d. Open throttle
e. Oil pressure
f. Close throttle
g. Ignition on
h. Check oil pressure and water temp
6. Check heart rate, if elevated you are ready to go
but wait for starters instructions anyway

SHUT DOWN Procedures

1. Calm down, you will be a lot cooler with the fire suit off
2. Pin fire bottle
3. Power off
4. Injector stack plugs in
5. Note data
a. Tach tell tale
b. Oil Temp
c. Water temp
d. Oil press out the back door
e. Barometer, relative humidity and air temp


1. Cooler still in shade
2. Record data from run, try to get driver to be objective with comments
3. Fuel car, note consumption
4. Check spark plugs and piston tops
5. Check valve lash
6. Check oil filter screen
7. Check oil level
8. Charge battery
9. Check for loose, cracked, broken, bent or missing components


Hope this will help to get you started down the track safely.

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