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Time Until Speed Week 2020

USFRA Sanctioned
150 MPH Club Rules

  • All drivers must be members of the USFRA., be a licensed driver, and sign a loss damage waiver to participate.
  • Successful completion of the technical inspection and payment of fees will allow as many timed passes on the course as the car/driver can make during the meet depending on the number of entrants.
  • An initial "licensing" pass at 125 mph will be required for all drivers to get the "feel" of the salt.
  • Maximum speed will be 160 mph any vehicle exceeding 160 mph will be disqualified from making any more passes and will not receive a timing slip.
  • An acceptable speed indicator is required so the driver has an indication of the car's speed at any point on the course.
  • Drivers will be required to participate in a driver orientation meeting with an experienced salt flats driver prior to racing.
  • Drivers will be required to sign a loss damage waiver to participate in the meet.
  • Wheel covers will be positively attached or removed.
  • Only gasoline, propane, or natural gas fuels may be used - NO nitrous, alcohol or nitro-fueled vehicles will be allowed.
  • Motorcycles must meet all the existing safety requirements in the current SCTA Bonneville Rule Book
  • The SCTA Bonneville Rule Book will be used as a guideline and reference for the purposes of safety requirements; i.e. Roll Bars.
  • A four- (4) point roll bar approved by a recognized Racing sanctioning organization must be installed in the vehicle; driver is responsible to provide objective evidence of approval. Integral Corvette-type roll bar is not acceptable.
  • The seat assembly must be adequately braced by a portion of the roll bar assembly.
  • The vehicle must have a 4 point or better seat belt restraint system (5 point is highly recommended) with
    Arm restraints or an approved window net.
  • Drivers must wear a SFI 3.2A/1 rated fire suit or better with an approved neck collar.
  • The driver must wear a Snell 95 approved, full-face helmet.. Motorcycle riders must have full leathers, which zip together, including boots and gloves.
  • Tires must be V or Z rated street tires or acceptable racing tires with metal valve caps. (Metal valve stems are highly recommended).
  • Cars must have an adequate battery tie down.
  • Driver must have objective evidence of tire speed rating. No tires wider than 10" will be allowed, unless the tires are OEM to the vehicle. (Narrow tires work better on the Salt).
  • Dual throttle return springs are recommended.
  • Drive line loops are required in the front 25% of each section of drive shaft on rear-wheel cars where adequate retention and control of a broken driveline is not assured by body/frame design.
  • A minimum 5 lb. Coast guard-approved fire extinguisher must be positively mounted in the vehicle in an approved quick release bracket
  • A ground cover must be used under the car in the pit area. Waste fluids will not be dumped, they will be taken off the salt for disposal. Pit areas and general Salt will be kept neat and clean at all times.
  • Driver must be licensed and vehicles must be currently licensed and street legal in their respective state.
  • Each car will require minimum 2 inspectors to enter.
  • Fees will not be charged for an inspection.
  • Inspection will verify the acceptable condition of the engine, drive train, wheels, tires, fuel, steering, braking, and safety systems to an approved checklist.
  • Decisions of the inspectors are final in the areas of safety assessment and requirements.
  • Course will be a 2 mile long course with a trap at the end of the second mile.
  • Drivers will qualify for the 150 mph club by making two passes over 150 mph but less than 161 mph during the meet.

150 Club Members


 1995 Ed VanScoy
 1995 Wayne Whitock
 1995 Bob Bennett
 1995 Monte Widdison
1996 Ron Christensen 1996 Ellen Christensen 1996 Robin Raveston
1997 Aaron Lanningham
1997 Jim Tefertiller

1998 Mike Steed
2000 Larry Dekker
2001 Casey Andersen 2001 Paul Hoffman 2001 John Madeley 2001 Leonard Evans
2003 Calvin Earl 2003 Ed Goodrich 2003 Rene LaPrevotte
2003 Andrea Metos
2003 Peter Moltman
2003 Paul Rogers

2003 Doug Strickland 2003 Jason Strickland 2003 Jack Van Voast 2003 Dave Wavrek 2003 Gary L. Young
2004 Justin Peterson 2004 Jack Andersen
2004 Steven Johansson 2004 Scott Johannson

2006 Adin, David
2006 Barajas, Carla
2006 Belfry, Daryl
2006 Chapman, Mike
2006 Graham, Tobie
2006 Graham, Jess
2006 Jackson, Don
2006 McDilda, Robert
2006 Murray, Greg
2006 Stoki, Scott

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