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August 16th, 2007


Jason McVicar has become the first person to set a Bonneville SCTA record over 250 mph on a siton motorcycle. He ran 250 and change yesterday and backed up this morning at 249.9 today. This should give Jason is AA license. Congrats Jason and Scott Guthrie. Craig Hoffman running the Hoffman Rear engined modified roadster ran two runs of 268 in the last mile for a record in the class. Steve Atwell now at the helm of the Hot Rod Camaro ran a 248 down run and backed up with a 250.5 return. This was in the C/BGALT class. There were a lot of return runs in the morning but technical difficulties plaqued me today and yesterday. So this might be the last broadcast depending on if this laptop crashes again.

I do see Ack Attack streamliner making their way up to the start for some hopefully exiciting runs today.


August 15th, Day 7, Update #1

There were about 50 vehicles in impound this morning for record return runs. A nice turnout, although not as many as we had yesterday. Here’s some of the details:

- Entry #438, going after a 135 record, ran short course speeds of 139.964 and 139.258.

- #67 Yankee Engineuity Express, class 1000-APG, Mickey Goodin – driver. Yesterday, Mickey ran 146.8 on a 146.6 record. Mickey’s times today on the short course were 144.650 in the quarter and 144.505 in the mile.

- #1921, class M-VF 1000cc, Paul Friebus – driver. Paul ran a 112 yesterday on an open record in this class. Paul’s vehicle ran a little rough on a short course pass this morning, reaching speeds of 92.185 in the quarter and 94.547 in the first mile.

- #1123, class M-PG1000, JDS Performance motorcycle. This vehicle ran a 145.080 in the quarter and a 144.377 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #578 So What Speed Shop, class BGRMR, Shug Hanchard – driver. This vehicle went after an open record, running 161.990 in the quarter and 171.947 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #32, class V4F/GR, Harold Johansen – driver. Today’s times for Harold’s 1929 Ford Roadster were 105.938 in the quarter and 104.190 in the mile.

- Motorcycle #1609 ran 107.067 in the quarter and 107.625 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #796 H-N-R Racing. This roadster was going after a 96.320 record, but spun-out on the course.

- #1889 Class of ‘39, class XXFBVFCC, Arlyn Asch – driver. This vehicle ran 134.995 yesterday on an open record. Their speed in the timed mile today was 131.4 mph.

- #278 Steele Speed Team, Rob Steele – driver. Rob went 195 yesterday against his own existing 195 mph record. Rob’s speeds today were 166.594 in the quarter, 179.176 in the first mile, 194.833 in the middle, and 198.955 in the last.

- #82 Snyder Salty Cuda, Jim Snyder – driver. Jim’s speeds today were 196.2 in the quarter, 200.526 in the first mile, 206.601 in the middle, and 208.998 in the last.

- #1117 Scott Guthrie Racing, class M-BF 1650, Jason McVicar – racing. Jason ran 231 yesterday against a standing record of 215 held by John Noonan. Jason’s speeds today were 197.103 in the quarter, 204.577 in the first mile, and 222.084 in the middle.

- Scott Guthrie Racing, Jason McVicar – driver. I don’t have a vehicle number for this bike because Scott and Jason keep changing them on me, but Jason’s speeds for this run were 188.272 in the quarter, 187.187 in the first mile, 187.633 in the middle, and 172.513 in the last.

- #4101, class M-BF 650cc, Travis Sutton – driver. Travis ran 153.7 yesterday against an open record. Travis’ speeds today were 145.158 in the quarter and 146.947 in the mile.

- #9382, class C/PS, John Morrisson – owner, Dennis Lindberg – driver. Dennis ran a 206.184 yesterday against a 206.055 record. Dennis’ speeds today were 190.082 in the quarter, 195.057 in the first mile, 201.510 in the middle, and 199.674 in the last.

- #831 Spirit of San Diego, ran 146.124 in the quarter and 147.121 in the mile on a short course pass.

- #1249 Hop Up Mag Special, class VAF/FMR, Mitch Allen – driver. Mitch’s times today were 115.642 in the quarter and 115.635 in the mile.

- #308 The Hudson Boys, class XO BGRMR, Don Wilson – driver. Don ran a 166 yesterday against an open record. Don’s speeds today were 160.657 in the quarter and 165.198 in the mile.

- #2211, the Ratical lakester, had a spin-out on course #2.

- #315 Hardman Racing, class G/BGL, Ken Hardman – driver. This vehicle went 231.3 yesterday and had some motor problems which resulted in some fast work in the impound area. Ken was able to make his record return run this morning with speeds of 207.013 in the quarter, 214.289 in the first mile, 227.634 in the middle, shutting it down in the last mile.

- #1541, class 1350 M-BG, Scott Horner – driver. Scott ran 213 yesterday against a 195 record. Scott’s speeds today were 202.974 in the quarter, 206.213 in the first mile, slowing it down to a 180 in the middle.

- #1208, the Richard Holdner Honda Civic, ran 188.889 in the quarter, 193.505 in the first mile, 203.530 in the middle, and 208 in the last.

- #124, class XFBGMR, Don Epps – crew chief, Don Monaco – driver. Yesterday Don ran a 171 against a 165 record. Don’s speeds today were 172.695 in the quarter and 174.301 in the mile.

- #7462 Hot Rod Magazine Special, Tanya Turk – driver. Tanya’s speeds were 176.727 in the quarter, 185.494 in the first mile, 208.113 in the middle, and 222.821 in the last.

- #531, the Doug Kenney roadster, ran 187.726 in the quarter, 194.199 in the first mile, 209.241 in the middle, and 211.414 in the last.

- #9843, class B/MP, Schnell Racing. The speeds for this vehicle today were 189 in the quarter, 198.830 in the first mile, 207.450 in the middle, and they shut it down in the last mile.

- #6101, a 650cc Triumph motorcycle making a short course pass, ran 141 in the quarter and 147.331 in the mile.

- #2626, class C/P-MP, STD Racing, Rod Riders, Tom Sauter – driver. Tom ran 200 yesterday on his own existing record of 192 mph. Tom’s speeds today were 187.391 in the quarter, 192.472 in the first mile, 201.604 in the middle, and 201.117 in the last.

- #988, Nebulous Theorem II, class J-BFS, Rick Yacoucci – driver. Rick ran a 269 in this class yesterday. Rick’s times today were 225.419 in the quarter, 234.517 in the first mile, 252.312 in the middle, and 264.076 in the last mile with an exit speed of 267 mph.

- #998, Royal Purple, class AA/FS, Mike Nish – driver. Mike ran a 380 yesterday against an existing Nish team record of 373 mph. Mike’s times today were 302.405 in the quarter, 318.567 in the first mile, 353.791 in the middle mile, and 375.385 in the last with an exit speed of 380.451 mph.

- Brant Wright Speranza streamliner, John Wright – driver. This vehicle was running against its own existing record of 179.510 set just three days ago. John’s speeds today were 158.003 in the quarter, 146.319 in the first mile, and a turn-out in the middle mile.

- #1735 Spal Racing, class C/DT, Max Lagod – driver. Max ran a 222 yesterday against a 213 mph record. Max’s times today were 196.007 in the quarter, 200.939 in the first mile, and he pulled his chute in the middle mile.