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  36hp CHALLENGE  “1” Club Guidelines
The “1” CLUB was created in 2009 by the 36hp Challenge to recognize both land speed racers ‘and drag racers’ who achieve the significant speed of 100 miles per hour or greater with their 36hp based Volkswagen powered racer at a recognized sanctioned event. The drivers who qualify as “1” Club members receive an exclusive German Silver “1” Club hat and decal featuring the early bug taillights small red snowflake lens over printed with the number “1” in recognition.
Similar to the SCTA’s 200, 300 and 400 Mile Per Hour Club’s and separate from the USFRA’s 130 Mile Per Hour Club, membership can only be attained with a four wheeled vehicle using a 36hp engine case (or dual 36hp engines) as the basis for the race vehicle. No other guidelines are mandated. Listed below are the requirements to qualify for recognition:
                                                “1” Club Guidelines
1.  Engine or engines must be based on 36hp engine case(s) (or 25hp) with a visible and identifiable Volkswagen engine case individual I.D. number present ( early Porsche 2 piece cases do NOT qualify!). No other engine guidelines are specified which means any cylinder heads, pistons and cylinders or cylinder stud configuration is acceptable. Any fuel, ignition or exhaust system and any transmission qualifies.
2.  Race or street vehicle must have four wheels on the ground in any configuration and can be a stock or custom bodied (i.e. chopped/narrowed) VW or be based on a dragster, dune buggy, Formula V, Kit Car or race car such as a streamliner or lakester. Non VW bodies such as Fiat or Porsches are acceptable.
3.  100 plus mile per hour timed speed must be set at a recognized
sanctioned race event using conventional timing lights ( GPS timed events
and other satellite generated time slips or personal GPS claims cannot be
recognized ) with a copy of the ‘verified’ timing slip presented to the
36hp Challenge for confirmation. A second ‘back-up’ timing slip is not
4.  In addition to a copy of the timing slip, it will also be necessary to
provide details regarding the event to include the date and name of event, sanctioning body where speed was set, name, street address, email address and phone number’s of the driver, car owner and engine builder along with a list of the engines specific components. Photos of the car plus the engine in the car ‘at the event’ with a separate close-up photo of the engine with a visible (and legible) engine number is mandated for verification. No engine tear downs to confirm details are needed.
5  Confirmation information should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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