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Dan Warner sent this to me for publication.  Read and enjoy it, please.


 Impound Insights
May 2009
By Dan Warner

Everyone was looking forward to an exciting two day meet to start the 2009 season. High winds and temps in the low 100s greeted us upon arrival on the lakebed for Friday’s inspection day. Total entries were 150, 95 cars and 45 bikes. The race course went away rapidly holding speeds down over the weekend. Saturday had only 116 runs before the wind shut us down around 11.Sunday had 178 runs in between wind gusts, everyone who wanted got in at least three runs on Sunday. Some say it is due a low rain fall during the past winter months. The bad track didn’t hold back some guys though; Fast Freddie Dannefelzer ran a 252 for top time cars and Nick Nicolaides scooted to a top bike time of 217.

There were no new 200 MPH Club members this meet; hopefully we will see additions to the roster later this year.

There were eight new records set, low for a first meet. Erik Hansson drove his vintage style belly tank to a 194 record in XF/BGL class. Paula Burns brought George Callaway’s roadster back to impound with a 143 record in G/GMR. Doug Macmillan
ran a 178.8, just a tenth over his 178.7 class record in G/BGCC. Jim Kitchen brought out the San Berdoo Roadster’s C/StR for a new record of 193. This beats his original goal of 190. Jim has owned this car for over 45 years racing it in several different configurations at the drags, El Mirage and Bonneville plus using it on the street.

Tom Evans brought me the bike cert cards and I was surprised that he only had four records. Dale Martin ran 78 MPH, one over the class minimum of 77.000 in the 175-APS-VG class. Cathy Butler rode her 125-APS-G class bike to a 132 record. .7 over the old mark. Kent Riches brought out his 9 day wonder from last year, the electric bike built between meets in ’08. He upped the Omega-APS record to 126.0 from a 125.7. John Buddenbaum rode the Buddfab 100-SCS-G streamliner to a 110 record; his was the biggest spread in the bike records 24 MPH over the minimum. This pass puts him in the number one starting position for the June meet.

One record was lost due to a clerical error in filling out the entry form. The computer class code was incorrect for the engine used in the car. This was compounded by the fact that the alpha designation was also wrong. This same error had been done in Nov. 2008 but since the car did not appear at impound the mistake was carried over to this meet.
The El Mirage Procedures, available at the reg trailer or thru your club, clearly states that there is no changing the paperwork once a car has run. The same applies at Bonneville and is outlined in section 1.B, page 7 of the 2009 rulebook. Please verify that the coding is correct when filling out your entry.

I hope see you in impound at the June meet. With a better race track I am sure we can double the record count.

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