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Time Until Speed Week 2020
You've clamored for changes to the front page of the site, and asked if I (we) can put stuff like run logs and race event results right here -- so you don't have to dig through the forum looking for topics that are sort of buried -- and that only works if you're a registered member of the forum. So I've asked Debbie to help me figure out if we can get the run logs right here. As of today (Sunday, the 21st of September and the day after World of Speed 2008 ended) we don't have the right way to present 'em -- but I wanted to let you know that we're trying. If you ARE a member of the Forum, please go there and find the topic where Deb is asking for your requests and input on this subject. Maybe one of you will ask in such a way that she and I have one of those "Ah-ha!" moments and the best idea since sliced bread dawns upon us. Your help can't hurt, and might even make this site better for you, for us, and for everyone. In the meantime - please go over to the forum and look at the "Private Meet: Top Speed Shootout" (or whatever the heck I've labeled it) and see what's going to be starting tomorrow morning. Nancy (my wife) and I are out here at Bonneville and will be putting more information up on the site all day long, reporting on speeds of the bikes and cars, as well as anything else that we think you might want to know -- on as close to a real-time basis as we can manage. We'll have this high-speed internet service link with us, so you'll know as soon as I can type and click "upload". Thanks for looking at landracing.com, folks. It's our pleasure to be the ones that bring the site to you.

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