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Time Until El Mirage

Bonneville Speedweek 2000 Entries

Vehicle Engine Body Entry Name Driver Name
1 TO    TO    Benham & Carr Leonard Carr
4 TO    TO    Patriot Missle Herb Helbig
31 TO    TO    Burkdoll  Racing Jim Burkdoll
32 TO    TO    Harold Johansen Harold Johansen
34 D     BMS   Benham & Carr Leonard Carr
36 D     GR    Jerry McKenzie John McKenzie
40 B     STR   P&C Engineering Special Maynard Parker
42 D     BGT   Sun Downer Rick Head
44 AA    BFL   DRM Racing Fred Dannenfelzer
51 AA    GL    Summers & Wiley Special Mel Wiley
53 V4    GCC   Creel & Buck Sam Buck
55 D     STR   Lead Foot Racing Joe Ledford
56 A     STR   Ford Roadster 1932 Dallas Volk
57 H     BMS   Larry's Old Volks Home Larry Monreal
61 TO    TO    Windshear Rick Secord
64 XXO   GMR   Jacks Bar Roy Victor
65 AA    FCC   Wooden/Leggio Earl Wooden
71 XF    BFL   Baron / Williams Tony Baron
76 B     BFS   Teague, Welch, Banks Elwin Teague
77 C     GL    No Nitro Hammond Jeanni Pflum
82 B     BGALT Snyders Salty Cuda Jim Snyder
87 TO    TO    Jaz Products Special Paul Darrah
91 C     STR   Kibler Racing John D. Kibler
93 TO    TO    Haller Motorsports Dave Haller
96 A     BFL   Scotty's Ground Force 1 Bill Scott
99 E     PS    John Rains John Rains
106 TO    TO    Tom Elrod - Zed X Tom Elrod
108 XF    FMR   Don Brent Donald Brent
112 B     BGR   Shug Hanchard Shug Hanchard
118 TO    TO    Oren Harper Oren Harper
120 B     BGC   Ken Kelley Kenneth Dale Kelley
122 C     BGS   Ken Walkey Racing LTD Ken Walkey
125 A     FCC   George Fields George Fields
126 B     PRO   Ron and Rob's Monza Robby Cohn
128 C     GT    Ed Van Scoy Ed Van Scoy
131 AA    BFS   White Autopower Parts Peddler Nolan White
134 A     FALT  Lezlie Danielsen Frank Danielsen
135 AA    FALT  MacDonald & Pitts Dave MacDonald
136 TO    TO    MacKichen/Schulz Tim Schulz
138 B     BGMR  Blown Aaway Racing John Lee
141 A     GCC   Thyer/Heathcoat/Hill Brent Heathcoat
148 AA    BGR   Toller & Eaton Bob Eaton
153 XXF   VGC   Monte L.  Osborn Victor McLeon
154 XO    PRO   Green Hornet Bill Stephens
165 I     GL    Jones, Geisler, & Zickrick Merle Jones
175 B     FR    Dearth/Brissette/Titel Mike Titel
180 TO    TO    McCain & Houtz Dave McCain
181 XF    FCC   Salt N' Peppers George Carlson
188 A     GMR   Bob Duarte Bob Duarte
194 TO    TO    Thompson Racing Larry Fleming
198 D     GT    Carlson Racing Greg Carlson
199 D     GR    Ratliff Racing Dave Ratliff
200 TO    TO    Roads End Gang Sp. Dan Hostetter
203 TO    TO    Total Body Awakening Jay Shumsky
209 TO    TO    Bob Wade Bob Wade
210 B     FR    GOFOIT Raymond O'Bannon
216 D     GCC   Tom Thumb Special Tom Bryant
217 D     BGL   Clark/ Smith / Hall /Clark Casey Clark
219 TO    TO    Geisler, Vail, Banks Gary Vail
222 AA    BGALT Langlo Racing John Langlo
224 TO    TO    R B Motorsports Rick Byrnes
232 C     GMR   Fjastad-Kinne-Maris-Wood Pat Kinne
233 TO    TO    Jack of Hearts Jack Joerns
235 TO    TO    Hashim's Auto-Car Quest Ernie Hashim
241 AA    GCC   Grreat Grrape Jim Johnson
242 D     FMR   Griffith-Bomgarner Dallas Volk
245 C     GALT  Benny Money Benny Money
250 XXO   BGL   Salt Lick Don Wheeler
251 C     MMP   BWT LSRACING Joe Timney
256 XXO   VGC   Keith  & Katie Young Katie Young
257 TO    TO    Cunningham & York Alan Cunningham
260 TO    TO    Brace's Greenhouse Special Edward Brace
261 A     GR    Watson & Weldon Gary Weldon
265 B     BGC   Kugel & LeFevers Jeff Kugel
267 D     BFR   The Sykes Family Too! Jeff Sykes
277 C     GR    IGO & IGO Bob Igo
285 XO    BVFALT BMR Racing Will Handel
288 AA    BMS   Norwood Racing Bill Gordon
291 C     BGMR  Dave Taylor & Son Racing Tim Taylor
292 XXO   FR    Flyin Jimmy Patrick Tone
299 B     FR    Ed Stuck Racing Ed Stuck
300 TO    TO    Ed Safarik Ed Safarik
303 XO    FALT  Zenco Eng Kent Plues
304 B     BGC   Johnson Racing Mark Johnson
307 XXO   BGS   The Hudson Boys Don Wilson
313 TO    TO    Webster Racing Dan Webster
315 I     BGL   Hardman Racing Ken Hardman
327 C     GR    Gary McArthur Gary McArthur
328 G     PRO   Don Belt Enterprises Don Belt
332 D     BGR   Stay in School Ron Tesinsky
333 A     BSTR  Walsh Walsh Cusack Justin Walsh
337 G     GMR   Rossi's Rocket Sonny Rossi
344 AA    MS    Moore & Stansbury Bobby Moore
348 B     PRO   SCH Racing Heads Dave Sarno
356 D     BFALT Gary Allen Racing Gary Allen
357 B     STR   The Barbee Boys Alan Barbee
365 B     FALT   Olds 442 Wayne Whytock
369 E     GR    Wilson & Waters Greg Waters



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