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Time Until Speed Week 2020

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HAMMAHH NEWS, 7 AUG 09  Loring Edition


What a superb weekend !


Shane Stubbs ran – on his first meet on the Hammer  260.990 MPH on Sunday, and 265.188 on Monday  The American record holder, and the fastest streetbike record in the world !. 


For you Bonneville Fundamentalists, the 2-run average of this 2004 Suzuki Hayabusa (two runs in the same direction, within 24 hours,) is  263.089 MPH. 


That's about 10 MPH than the same record at Bonneville (Held by Scott Guthrie Racing's JASON McVICAR)


Nobody else in the world has made two – let alone three – runs over 260 MPH with a street bike.


Shane went 222 MPH in his first LSR meet, last fall, and he went 240 MPH this spring at Goliad.  265 MPH at Loring last weekend.


This boy is on a fast elevator !


With that said, we have decided to retire the Hammer after this meet – with great honor – and we started yesterday on an all-new bike, to be called The Anvil.


Part of what we accomplished, in Debbie’s words, which I have edited a little to reflect Monday’s results:


“Todd & I came up here with and in support of team Scott Guthrie Racing. A few team highlights for the moment.

Shane Stubbs: top speed and personal best 265.188 turbo busa bike 1105. A personal best, and a 200 MPH Club hat.

Todd Dross:   top speed and personal best 240 MPH turbo busa bike 1101. A personal best, and a 200 MPH Club hat.

Josh Owen:    top speed and personal best 228 nitrous busa bike 1302. A personal best, and a 200 MPH Club hat.

Debbie Dross: top speed and personal best 218 MPH nitrous busa bike 1302. A personal best, and a 200 MPH Club hat.

Donna Timney: top speed and personal best 189 MPH NA busa bike 1302.  205 MPH on the bottle, a personal best, and a 200 MPH Club hat.


5 Personal Bests (Every rider), and 6 team new 200 MPH Club members in one meet !


 Team photographer Don Smith took wonderful photo’s after a near-miss with law enforcement on Saturday.

 Support crew Nadia Stubbs was vital.

I just can't be prouder of this team! The way we worked together was awesome. We didn't know Shane and his wife Nadia very well before this meet and the entire team meshed so well it's like we'd been working together for years! Simply awesome! I'll highlight each member’s accomplishments in more detail later but for now let me simply say THANK YOU to Scott Guthrie for giving this team the opportunity of a lifetime! There will be other bests but the fun, speeds, love & camaraderie of this meet will live on and remain deep in our hearts for a long time! It was simply an amazing weekend of racing!

I dumped pics here”: 




Scott sez:


We rented the track for a private continuation of the meet, and ran on the Monday.  All times and records were official, since all the LTA and ECTA crews were in place, and the clocks were untouched and unmoved.  We gave time and space to everyone who asked to join us.


On the Monday, we switched over to the CATALYST RACING COMPOSITS tail section on the Hammer, for the aero benefits to be offered in the Altered classes.  Worked fine.  After the 265 MPH run, we all signed the tail section, which Shane keeps as a “Trophy.”


DEBBIE DROSS built her own nitrous Busa BEE QUEEN, and with a fantastic tuck licensed up and joined the 200 Club with her personal best of 218 MPH.  Like Todd, Debbie spent the vast majority of the weekend supporting others, including doing all the results with Donna and Lauren Owen (Josh’s Mom and DaveO’s widow) for the Loring Timing Association.


I believe that Debbie has a 250 MPH Club run left in her.


Results at: http://www.lta-lsr.com/RESULTS.htm


TODD DROSS’S best ever time was on the “gas bike”.  SGR in Tallahassee did the chassis, and the initial motor build was by our friend, Dave Owen. The bike took me to 221 MPH at Maxton, and Shane to his first “fast” speed at Goliad at 222 MPH (Shane was hooked).  Shane rebuilt the motor, and Todd benefited to a PB of 240 MPH.  This boy has the 250 MPH Club firmly in his sights.  Todd got very little seat time, and spent most of his weekend in support of the team.



JOSH OWEN reached a personal best of over 228 MPH, which is faster than his dad’s PB of about 219  MPH.  Dave must be smiling up there !

Josh’s speed came on Debbie’s (must be called old Faithful)



Debbie has threatened to retire the bike, but “The Bee” got her a “hat” at Maxton, and also for her, Donna and Josh at Loring. 


Don’t let it out of your sight girl, the bike is already about as fast as Guy Caputo’s TIGER, and just might catch Steve Knecum with a little more “Bottle.”



DONNA TIMNEY came off the trailer with a 169 MPH pass on the bike Debbie built   This was Donna’s first ever run over 85 MPH.  Donna went on to a top speed later of 205 MPH, and a 200 Club “Hat”  After her first run, I noticed there was a potential safety question with her helmet.  She was grinning so hard there was a possibility she was going to break the helmet chin-bar ! 


See Todd’s photos of Joe Timney overwhelmed on the start line after the 205 MPH pass…..


Owner Scott Guthrie was awarded an “honorary” 200 Club hat by the Loring 200 MPH Club.


JAY BARKER’s tank and fabrication skills gave Shane the low position he needed.


WAYNE POLLACK’S handlebars allowed the adjustability the bike needed for Shane’s good (and interesting) tuck.


Wayne’s quiet Honda Generator purred the whole time, keeping the tires warm and the many laptops humming.


BILL HOSLER  In addition, we helped Bill Hosler, who came all the way from California on his stock ’08 Busa with a Brock pipe, to a superb  206 MPH on Monday.  Bill had been running about 196-199 into wind all morning like the rest of us, and E. Don Smith at the timing traps noticed that his riding position could use a little coaching.  Shane and I talked with Bill, and I demonstrated for him what I thought would make an improvement, and Bill immediately stepped up 6 MPH to 204 MPH on the next run.  That was followed by a 206 MPH on the very next run.  The 204 MPH run gave him his first 200 MPH “hat.”


8 MPH from the riding position alone is a very nice improvement, and will serve Bill well in the future on any bike he rides.





We also asked Racheal Johnson and her companion Shane Burton into the Monday affair. Rachel and Shane earned their 200 MPH Club Hats, Racheal on the turbo Busa, and Shane on his stock-motor ZX-14.


Racheal was doing quite well Monday until she tucked the front wheel in shutdown and stepped off.  The bike left 1,300 feet of marks on the concrete.  Given the coefficient of friction of the pavement at Loring, that probably represents an initial speed of around 150-180 MPH.


The Sunday race was delayed a few moments (Really !) for “A moose on the track.”  We gained many funny stories about running a “Hayamoosa,” and having classes for various ‘Blown Moosa” machines, etc.


Loring Timing Association 200 MPH Club hats are now worn by these

 Nine team and supported riders















SGR helps those in need.


Off to Bonneville !




As the old song goes:

“See you in September”

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