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Here it is!
The first Landracing.com LSR History Quiz Results....


Tom Burkland is the winner
Jim Dincau is the runner-up
Tom Bryant and Udo Horn also answered
Thanks to you all!

Car #555 was the Thompson and Voigt entry from 1958. The car was powered by a pair of fuel-injected Chrysler engines.

The highest top speed was a 294 mph run, and the fastest record for the car was 266.866 mph.

The car was built as a streamlined dragster -- and stopped at Bonneville for some test-and-tune runs on the way to the National drags.

An interesting fact is that the Firestone tires grew at speed - and would run the top/inside of the rear fenders. So - the entrants cut out the top to allow the tires unfettered room to spin.

The body of the car was built by Bob Sorrell -- who had a shop about two miles from where our judge, Glen Barrett, lived at the time.

The car was the beginning of the Challenger 1 (now do you connect the owner's name -- Thompson?). The Challenger would eventually become the first American to exceed 400 mph.

As I've said elsewhere, Tom Burkland gets first prize and all of the adulation and recognition that is appended to such a glorious feat, and Jim Dincau comes in second. I'll ask here but will also try other methods -- Gentlemen, I'll need your mailing addresses to ship the DVDs to you. Thanks for your entries -- all four of you that did so.


We wanted to post this reply from Pork Pie, 'way over on the other side of the pond......

To your first quiz with the Mickey Thompson & Fritz Voight streamliner.....one BIG point you forgot in the answer.....

Mickey broke the Kenz streamliner record from 266,2 mph...by a friction......but Mickey's car beat the fastest car of the United State, ever, to this time, which was to the Kenz streamliner.....not only this.....this record brought Mickey Thompson into the 200 Miles Club.....later during the meet Mickey's speed was beaten by the three engine streamliner from Chet Herbert.....but Mickey took revenge on his last run - the 294 was not the mile speed, he smoked the front engine before he reached the mile marker but went through the 2 1/4....which was not the 2 1/4 for Mickey...he had move his starting position nearly 1 1/2 mile backwards.

He had a special trick to run this dragster....he was pushed up to 70 mph than he went away with the rear engine...at higher speed....around 160 mph he start the front engine and got this engine also in gear.....which toasted all the bearings on the drive shaft....they have to replace them after every run....

With the increasing tire....they thought that the growing tire are touching the inside of the body work, so they modified them....they had problem that the tires lost rubber at this high speed....but the modification didn't work, due to this that it was the tire himself which had the problem.....it peels on the later runs the same way...without scraping on the body work....

Original Mickey and Fritz was on the way to a drag strip Mid West....and stopped only at Bonneville to make a quick check for the performance....but after they blew pistons and replaced them the decide to stay through the whole week......to set some records...

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