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Time Until Speed Week 2020

October 12th.

Weather is great. Salt looks good. And there are some fast vehicles on hand for a good meet. To get started the Movie crews are still here filming a movie about Burt Muroe starring Anthony Hopkins. This was the Indian Streamliner that went just over 200 in the early sixties. I ventured over there to the set when everybody was at lunch and took some pictures. So the pictures with a bunch of sixties vehicles in them are from the movie set. They were going to be done filming last Saturday but have now extended it to this coming Friday. Great selection of vehicles and most notable that interested me was the Thompson Challenger. Take a look at the photo pages for the pics.

So far a great turnout about 20-25 bikes and about 80 cars. And some are still coming. Salt conditions look pretty darn good, much better then the Bub Meet and WOS meet. There are approx. 4 vehicles running BIN International Records. Ron Mains Eco-Fire, Ohio State University Electric Streamliner and Ack Attack Motorcycle Streamliner are the ones I am aware of at this time.

Plenty of fast company at this meet and some new vehicles that have potential. Roger Lessman did bring his new AA/GS to the event, Rick Byrnes 6 wheeled lakester making its first salt appearance. Rick is running his Turbo Mercur 2.3L (race condition closer to 2.0L) motor that he had much success with in the Mercur Car. Some other fast company cars will make the meet exciting Burklands, Danny Boy Apples, Skip Hedrick, Costella Neb III, Haas Racing. And there are plenty more. The morning meeting starts at 8 am. Racing to start after that. I hope to be fast on the updates, I am planning on a 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm updates. 4 times in one day, I hope that you do like them.

Also I heard rumors that Rick Vesco may bring the Turbinator back out next year for some passes to honor his brother Don Vesco, who passed away, and whom I coin "The King of the Salt." Then in same rumor was Rick was going to bring back the old Vesco/Nish 444 car for his kids to race on the salt.

October 13th

8:52 Am

Last night at the Montego Bay casino I got to personally meet Anthony Hopkins which was the highlight of my night. All I could think about was the movie Hanibal which he starred in. Pretty down to earth, shook my hand and we chatted a few minutes about the movie which they are filming on the salt.

The morning started pretty chilly about 48 degrees, and a 10-12 mile cross wind from the Mountain side. The drivers meeting was held at 8 am. Pretty much the same stuff, get off the course as soon as possible, pull to right for problems blah blah blah. We pretty much hear the same thing. BNI International runs will be right after record returns in the morning and a time to be designated for the afternoon attempts. Drivers and crews are now driving the course and we should be ready to race soon.

12 PM

Another very innovative designed car has showed up. The Chet Herbert designed rear steer vehicle. This vehicle is steered by a single rear wheel, and has 3 front drive wheels in front of that are two aluminum wheels. The rules state that rear steer is illegal, but this vehicle is border line. As vehicle gets to speed the rear steer is locked out from input from driver, the a front canard wing is attached to front of vehicle that angle can be changed by hydraulics from the driver that steers the front two aluminum wheels. Got to love innovation. Cant wait until this vehicle goes. They have done private testing at El Mirage and have exceeded 175 mph which might be the fastest wheel driven rear steer vehicle.

They are running OK with exception that there have been two fires and a handful of spins. The winds have been up since this morning and Havana died down yet. Fire vehicles included Seth Hammonds #77 Roadster will Lee Guftason driving and also put him in the spin too. Another fire vehicle was the Razzberry Rocket. The big run so far has been Earl Wooden with his AA/GS he ran 363 mph. This is the fastest gas powered vehicle. California Fritz came with his 2000 cc motorcycle streamliner this is his first event this year went 209 with no mishaps. This motorcycle liner has a history of falling over on the turnout. Dewayne McKinney driving the Burbank Automotive rare 4 wheel drive roadster went 275 mph on the current 263 record in the A/BFR class. This vehicle is rare because 4 wheel drive has been outlawed and there are only a few vehicles that are left that were grandfather in. This is one of them.

3 PM

No matter how fast one of those diesel trucks goes it's just an awesome site to see the trail of smoke coming out. The Joint Venture went 200 mph in the last mile, but some of the smoke trail was from burning up a turbo on that beast. Few vehicles make people drop what they are doing to watch and they are one of them. Correction on Hammed crew there was not fire, just a spin. They have spun in each of the three events this year. All around the same speed of 250-255 mph. They made allot of changes between the events with same result. They hurt their rear tires on this last spin. The ever so treasured tires right now. They have a new set but are debating the changes needed. Jason McVicar running the Falkner/Livingston entry in the APS-F 650cc riding a Honda 600RR qualified the bike at 173 mph. GM Performance Division EcoTech car running G/BFALT ran 224 in the last mile on their own 212 mph record. Their other car running G/BFR ran 209 and qualified also. Pantera Kid running D/GT just a little shy of record running 203 on a 209 record. Hudson Boys XO/GS seems to keep bumping up records qualified at 233 on a 225 record. McDonald/Pitts was a turn out. Ye Old Dragon a new unlimited diesel pickup on its maiden voyage broke the drive line on the short course shutting it down for awhile. While on the long course Jack Costella running D/FS went 285 mph and had another fire after it cleared the course and broke the steering on the car. They are starting the BNI International record runs now.

3:30 PM BNI International runs.

Becky Bullet from Ohio State University Mile speed 267 mph, Kilo 267 mph. No chutes deployed ended up 8 1/2 mile in impound.

Ron Mains EcoFire at the Mile 335 mph and the Kilo 334.

Ack Attack Motorcycle streamliner Mile speed 214 and Kilo at 220 mph.

These vehicles now have 1 hour to make a turn around pass both bike and cars under the BNI International rules.

4:25 PM

Bukeye Bullet from Ohio State University Return Mile speed 275 and Kilo Speed 275 during the run they ran over and exploded two timing lights we could hear a pop going through the mile and Eco-Fire has 9 minutes to run he also hit the mile 4 mile marker. People are out cleaning up parts now.

Well because Bukeye Bullet took out the mile timing lights, and the time it took to clean up the exploded lights the Eco-Fire was only able to achieve the Kilo speed which was about 8 seconds to late. He only went mid 230's for the return pass. He still could have gotten a record but because he was late going through the lights none of the speeds count. Now course is held so crews can fix the broken lights at both 3 and 4 mile, replace the mile marker and do a good clean up.

6 PM

Robbie Cohn's Monza made it's first pass 218 mph and he was looking for about 230 mph. Talked with Tom Burkland and when they went to hang up the catch net at end of course he thought there was a little moister last night. And through the afternoon the wind was to much for them so they will try tomorrow morning first thing is wind is good. Freddy Dannenfelzer car #44 running A/BFL going after a 332 record was able to qualify on it with an amazing run of 348 mph. Hank Booth trying out his new Hayabusa Turbo alcohol bike ran 193 for a shakedown run. Jack Christer trying to be the first person on a 750cc bike to run a open bike 200 mph record has been struggling with it around mid 170's. Jason McVicar with his R1 running in the MPS-F class going after a tough Joe Amo record of 223 mph made his first pass at 209 mph. #34 Ron Behnam Rear engine roadster running Time only ran 238 mph. Lanes are now shut down for the day. I have had a problem with my Landracing.net server which hosts all the images had an overload and should be back up in the next couple hours.


October 14th

Im still having trouble with the server that is hosting the pictures, please be patient I will get it fixed, was up until 5 am this morning working on it.

8:49 AM

Two just outstanding runs one for that fastest gasoline powered vehicle by Earl Wooden he made just an outstanding run yesterday at 363 mph in the AA/GS class and he was able to back it up this morning with a 366 mph run with a 371 mph exit speed. The other was Freddy Dannenfelzer DMR Racing running A/BFL ran a 348 mph run yesterday was able to a little more foot into it and accomplished 361 mph backup run. So around a 355 record. He is now the fastest open-wheeled car (non streamlined). Sorry Joe Law looks like you will have to take your car back off the for sale block and come take your record back. Other news, Hudson Boys streamliner 233 mph qualifier backed up at 229 mph in the XO/GS. Their other car the little Geo Metro running in I/BGC ran 129 and 131 on a 123 record. These guys always bump some records at all the meets. I don't ever remember them not setting a record when they come out with one of their vehicles. Fjastad - Kinne Bros running in the C/GMR running on a 235 mph record put two together runs of 240 mph and 233 mph so getting is by a couple mph. Jason McVicar running the APS-F 650cc bike of Faulkner/Livingston was able to return at 181 mph with a qualifier of 173 mph, this bike is running the juice. To great runs to take an old record out of the books of Dave Dastrup's set back in '92 at 165 mph. DeWayne McKinney running the rear engine roadster of Burbank Auto in the A/BFR class running on a 262 record was able to backup his 275 mph with a 282 mph return pass. Saline Solution running 194.5 mph in the XO/BGL class ran 196 mph this morning on a 193 record which has been changing hands by a mph during the course of running this year. They are really looking to get 200 mph out of this lakester and it's getting real close. They are now getting ready for only one BNI International run by Ack Attack streamliner which yesterday only went 220 mph. During the BUB International meet in September they ran just a little over 270 mph and in process put the liner on the side. They hurt the clutch yesterday and made repairs last night so we will see here shortly. I will update on the run as I comes through here shortly.

It looks as if I got the photo site back up and online it will take me a little while to get yesterdays pictures up to be patient I will be working on that during the course of the day.

BNI International Runs 9:30 AM

Ack Attack Streamliner very impressive with Jimmy Odum driving was able to post a Kilo Speed of 293 mph and a Mile speed of 303 mph. He now has 1 hour to return for the BNI International record. This is a super impressive you must understand, first year on the salt for this vehicle, got preliminary runs done at Speedweek, wrecked at Bub's Meet, now is at a point to claim a very sizable record during this World Finals meet.

9:51 AM

Ack Attack will not be making a backup run. During the run they lost two chains. One that drives the front motor, in process it broke the cases. The other was for the landing gear. When he was slowing his landing gear was unable to come out, luckily he had a good SCTA alert staff at the end and was able to help him from tipping over when he stopped. They have parts and hope to ready again for the 3 pm BNI International runs.

Others news so far for regular record qualifying is John Rains running D/PS going after the 292 record is getting there and ran 284 mph. Team Elves Aaron Wilson Buell 1650cc MPS/PF with Tim Horton driving ran a very impressive 205 mph on this Buell. This is a possible 200 mph club entry.

11:00 PM

California Fritz piloting his Harley streamliner running 2000cc S/PG got his best run ever at 226 mph and he said it was his smoothest pass ever on the bike. And still no mishaps this meet for him tipping over on the turnouts. Great job. Seth Hammond Roadster, can you guess yet????? Yes Lee spun the car again this time at 236 mph at the same point in the track around the 4 mile like all the other spins just about all the same speeds. This time they tried relocating and adding some weight but it seems that didn't fix the problem. Hmmmmm. Joint Venture unlimited diesel hauler ant 226 mph just an amazing run. George Fields running is Trackmaster Special in the D/FCC ran 304 mph in the last mile and had a very huge spin that started after he pulled the parachute. It's just amazing it stay upright at the speed and the amount of times it spun. He hit a few cones and a mile marker but otherwise everything is ok. Did see the Ohio State University Electric Streamliner that hit the photo cell and batteries yesterday on the return run went through the front of the car and put a hole, and part of mile marker was stuck on car. Burklands are now making their way up to the starting line to test their new parachute deployment system, will be going to the three and shutting down.

3:35 PM

Joint Venture put on a good show pulling a 226 mph. Dave Matson came again with is 1956 Vincent running on nitro and hit a 207 mile time. This bike just is awesome sound coming by. Tom Thumb Special managed to get his qualifier he was looking for running 245 mph in the D/FCC and if the air is good like this morning we may just see 250 out of it yet. By the way, the corrected altitude this morning was the lowest I had every seen it at 3750 ft. Way awesome Burkdoll stated he had not seen that good air in 20 years. Haas racing streamliner ran a 271 mph on a 262 in I think the B/BGS, don't quote me on that class. Skip Hedrick after parachute problems at speedweek pulled together a good run again on a old Vesco/Nish record of 322 mph in the C/GS class at 332 mph. Wilson/Waters still running hard with their C/FR put a 252 mph run together on their own 247 record. John Rains still trying to get that D/PS record of 292 up higher ran 287 mph after a turbo housing change. Chet Herberts rear wheel steer car first time on the salt made the required minimal pass to the 2 1/4 and ran 142 mph. Maybe the first time one stayed upright and didn't tip over and maybe the longest run for one without a mishap also. Officials drove close behind to check the stability and it looked good. Dave Matson made another pass and through the middle mile went 222 mph, just great. Burklands were a turn out twice on two different occasions, they are working on it now. Ack Attack streamliner is now going to run on a SCTA record not BNI they are repaired and ready to run. They initially thought they busted the cases on one of the engines, but it only turned out to be a housing the mounts to the side of the block. And Jack Costella wanted to relay that the smoke from his run was only from engine and not a fire as I previously reported. Jack Costella little Belly Bomb NEB IV 80cc liner running in the 100cc class fuel unblown went 142 mph.

There was a representative here to possibility to make tires for us. It does look promising for both motorcycles and cars to get tires made for the future.

Also on a side note I spent allot of my day fixing the picture issues the server should be up and good to go, the first days pictures that were not enlarging should be fixed. The only downfall to the time spent was lack of pictures today sorry.

6 PM

Ohio State University Electric Streamliner going after the SCTA record now went just an outstanding at 315 mph. Found out John Rains switched classes and is now running in D/BGALT on his own record of 279 and he ran 287 for a qualifier. Ferguson boys running their XXO/GS running on the Hudson Boys record who took their XO/GS record earlier now qualified on their record and went 240 mph with Don Ferguson III driving. Rick Byrnes with his new 6 wheeled lakester still going through stages of speed on it and went 156 mph. A surprise to me was Andy Green was at the event. We talked for awhile about what he is doing, Richard Noble is into building some commercial private planes now, and he states that Craig Breedlove is pretty much retired bought some property in Mexico and just hanging out. Noble says he wants to bring a car over sometime in the future to race on the salt. Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner made another run but turned out in the first mile. Haas racing made another pass in the confirmed B/BGS class at 276 mph on the new record set by Desert Rose Skip Higgenbothems car at 261 mph in September.


October 15th

9:51 AM

Record Returns this morning again very cool weather with no wind. Jack Christer running his 750 M/BG qualified at 195 mph pass but dropped a cylinder and decided to backup on three cylinders and turned out after 1st mile. California Fritz made a return run at 203 in first mile on his 226 qualifier they were different miles so no record. John Rains who moved over to the D/BGALT backed up his 280 mph qualifier with a 281 return on a 279 record. Neb IV Belly Bomb was unable to backup their 142 mph pass. Andy Green just loved this little liner. Burbank Auto with Dewayne McKinney requalified the 4 wheel drive roadster at 285 mph on their new record of 279 but pulled out after the first mile. Hudson Boys streamliner running XO/GS went down at 234 mph and returned at 230 mph just enough to take the 231 mph record, which they took from the Ferguson Boys. The Ferguson Boys who were running in the XXO/GS going after the Hudson Boys record went 240 mph and 237 which should be enough. Wilson/Water C/FR which ran 252 on their own 247 mph record backed up at 250 mph so a record in the 251 range. Way to go guys. Saline Solution who I told you earlier were looking to get a 200 mph record in the XO/BGL had two runs that were so close to their goal, down run at 198 and return run at 199 mph so going to be a 199 and change record. Skip Hedrick who put together a good pass at 332 mph in the C/GS on the Vesco/Nish record of 322 mph was unable to backup and shut it down through the first mile. The Barnyard Bomber who most known as Worlds Fastest Honda in the G/GS class went down at 252 mph returned at 255 mph. Tracer Racing went down at 208 mph in the middle mile running in the F/GL class returned at 218 mph I believe on a 186 mph record. E/FALT #264 Batto/McClendon entry went down at 218.6 mph and returned at 215 which should be enough for the 216 and change record going to come down the tenths of a mph for that one to be good. George Fields Trackmaster #125 running D/BFCC ran 304 mph yesterday and had a spin afterwards went down the track thumping the pits with the sound of nitro had to turn out towards the end of the track and turned to the inside so a major problem of some sort. Ohio State University Electric Streamliner Bukeye Bullet who went down at 316.6 mph backed up at 313 mph the first ever electric car record over 300 mph and puts the driver in the 300 mph chapter of the 200 mph club. Carl Francis running in the APS/BF 1000cc class who had a 208 run yesterday went 203 and change today to eclipse the old Mabry Racing record of 200 mph. Team Elves with Buell running MPS/PF 1650cc class went 205 mph yesterday had a return of 206 mph and will put Tim Horton in the 200 mph club. Ack Attack aborted a BNI International pass around the 2 mile.

10:14 AM 238

On the record returns George Fields did have a fire, and they are seeing if they can make the repairs to get it back out. Skip Hedrick reported a bad driveline vibration so he shut down the C/GS.

12:18 PM

Troy Stuart running Hank Booths McXpress bike in the APS-BG class just ran an excellent 238 mph qualifier on a 206 mph record. Take it to impound ladies. Jack Costella little 100cc Streamliner which failed his backup run this morning went 141 mph to requalify. The temp at 10:37 am this morning has been at 50 degrees. California Fritz, it was bound to happen dumped his liner after the 5 mile. Everything OK. Earl Wooden again trying to push that record up in AA/GS went 363 mph which is just a mph under the new record he set at 364 earlier this meet. Lund Cadillac ran 214 just missed a qualifier need with Dave Noyce driving in E/BGC. They qualified yesterday at 216 mph but thought they could go faster.

1:51 PM

Rice/Vigent lakester had a nasty wreck on the long course. The driver is OK. But the car is badly damaged. This held up the action for about an hour or more. Tom Burkland finally got off the line after two attempts for its maiden voyage down the track after repairing the car. Initial run was to test the new parachute systems installed. You could hear the vehicle fire up at the line from the 4 mile all the way down the track, you could hear lots of wheel spin from this powerful vehicle ran it to the three mile and pulled the chutes and they looked wonderful said Betty Burkland. The time was a little slow then what they wanted to test them at but he managed 305 in the first mile. There are allot of happy faces around that crew right now. Tom is pretty excited to get back into the car. They will now tow back to the pits to look everything over and see what they next step is. Maybe a full pass???? The Saline Solution vehicle did manage to get a 202 mph run out the lakester. John Noonan made his first pass testing the bike out and went 221 in the first mile and shut it down.

3:00 PM

Wilson/Water C/FR Roadster on a bigger tune up dialed in by Mike Manghelli took their roadster to 257 mph. Higgenbothem/Allen Desert Rose made a great pass after breaking earlier this week to 288.980 mph. That should be a good qualifier. Haas Racing was a turn out. Cars at the starting lines are getting to be few, I heard Bill Taylor on the short course line was sleeping. Found Ack Attack line hurt the clutches on the motorcycle liner.

6 PM

Looks as if John Noonan figured a few things out he went 246 mph and in the APS-BF 1650cc class and is passing on the qualifier to go some faster. Jason McVicar just been a riding machine this meet, qualified his own bike which is now in the A-G 1000cc class qualified 171 mph on a 168 mph record. Also riding the Faulkner/Livingston 650 MPS-F which was a class change from APS went 184 on a 168 mph record. Ye Olde Dragon which is a new Unlimited Highway Hauler 3 established a new record this morning at 164 and change just qualified again at 175 mph. Racedeck Roadster running in the E/BFR running on their own record of 186 mph went just super fast at 213 for a qualifier. Tom Bryant had a little problem on the start line and small explosion which lifted the body on the car, broke the window rails you just have to look at the pictures. But everybody ok, it happened at the line on the initial start. Herbert Cam Rear Steer car ran, SCTA officials only letting it go up in speed gradually ran 121 yesterday (not the 142 I reported), ran 159 mph late afternoon. Everything look real good. Maybe we can see a full pass through the full mile tomorrow. John Noonan made another pass trying for that AA license went 248 mph and took that one to impound. Jimmy Odum driving Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner just made one hell of a pass at 330 mph last mile this one goes to impound. This will be a SCTA record attempt not a BNI International attempt.

October 16th

6:00 AM

Ok I have omitted some important people during my reporting, new 200 Club members.Keith Nelson #686 F/GL 210 mph, Mike Kinne #777 C/GMR 237 mph, Jack Kelly #664 E/GL 236 mph, Jeff Bryant #216 D/FCC 244 mph, Patrick McClendon #264 E/FALT 216 mph, Roger Schroer #8006 III/E 314 mph, Tim Horton #1987 1650cc APS/PF 205 mph. There are more inline to become members during the mornings runs.

9:00 AM

John Noonan now becomes the fastest siton bike record holder by running a return pass of 245 mph and with his 248 mph run should put it in the 246-247 range on the 186 record in the APS-BF 1650cc class. Andy Sills was able to backup today in the Neb IV Belly Bomb 100 cc liner with a 141 mph return on his 140 mph down run. Skip Higgenbothem / Allen entry was unable to return a good pass and only went 231 mph. Tony Stuart running Hank Booths McXpress turbo Hayabusa went 235 mph record pass with his 238 down run will put Tony in the 200 mph club. Jason McVicar now running open bike in the A-G class ran 171 yesterday was able to back it up with a 172 mph run for a new class record. At speedweek Jason set 6 records in 6 different classes this was the class he missed the last day of speedweek. Ack Attack motorcycle streamliner was able to run and made a pass of 325 mph on his 330 mph run yesterday, pretty darn good for the first year out on the salt. Wilson/Waters C/FR made a drag race run and again ran 257 mph for both runs. The Ye Olde Dragon highway hauler was unable to backup the 175 mph pass from yesterday by leaving parts close to the starting line.The #117 lakester F/GL Tracer Racing also made a nice backup pass from 228 mph yesterday with a 231 mph pass this morning.


They are only running until 11 am then record returns after. Ron Mains Eco-Fire made a test pass after they were a turn out on an international attempt. They went 320 with a new driver not Ron Main driving.


2 1/4 - 322.187 mph
3- 341.822 mph
4- 386.204 mph
5- 418.425
exit speed of 436.161 mph.

They qualified for the record and are taking it to impound for a return pass later.

Qualifying runs have been extended to 1:00 pm. Ron Main is done with international passes and now just letting a new driver have some seat time. Hank Booth on his Alcohol turbo bike went 225 in first mile when his visor came up and had to abort the run. Carl Francis still chopping at the APS-BF 1000cc record went 212 mph. Team Elves now going into the 2000cc MPS-PF class with new 200 mph Club member Tim Horton driving went 203 mph. Ack Attack liner will be done for the event they hurt another chain. And Jimmy Odum is now a new 200 mph club member and 300 mph Chapter member. John Noonan is making some repairs after his last pass, a little hiccup bent the throttle body plates but nothing a hammer couldn't fix.

1:00 PM

2 1/4 - 250.317 mph
3- 253.152 mph
4- 252.200 mph
5- Shut down

Noonan will be coming to impound for a record return to then be the Fastest record ever that could be over 250 mph. And also he now has his AA liscence. They are now preparing for the return record runs.

Roger Lessman running his new liner AA/FS on propane got to get 221 mph out of it. One of the only runs I saw for this vehicle. Staging lanes now closed and just running record returns. Hank Booth wasn't able to get a glitch out of his alcohol bike and is not done for the meet. Just stayed tuned a little longer for record returns, Burklands, Noonan, So Cal Lakester all coming to you here shortly it is 1:26 pm right now, I just heard return runs will in at 2 pm. Eco-Fire who changed classes to G/BGS also went 282 for a record qualifier and will also make a record attempt.

2:23 PM

Carl Francis who changed classes to the APS-BG class went 212 middle mile down run and backed up at 209 mph. Will be down to tenths of a mph for the minimum for the 200 club of 210 mph in that class. Tim Horton was able to backup the run in the 2000cc MPS-PF 2000cc class Team Elves Buell entry that went down at 200 mph in the first mile and came back at 188 mph but hurt motor in the first mile but was enough to get the Wink Ellar record that is at 180.1 mph.

2 1/4 - 311 mph
3 - 331 mph
4 - 378 mph
5 - 415 mph
exit speed - 430 mph
NEW RECORD OF 417.020 MPH which eclipsed the Nolan White record of 413 mph.

Stay tuned for some more return run passes in a few minutes.

3:12 PM

John Noonan after that amazing 253 mph pass hurt the motor before any of the measured miles. No 250+ record for him, but he can still go home the fastest man in a measured mile at 253 mph. Good job John. Eco-Fire went back thru at 298 mph along with their down run of 282 makes a nice record for them in the G/BGS class.

This will conclude the reporting and the event, on my way back to Denver and finish up my bike for next year. You know get it done early and ready to go..... We all know how that is, thrash the night before, but good intentions now anyway.


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