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September 3, 2007

Ack Attack streamliner wrecks during a return run at the BUB meet, it may have been in the measured mile. Rocky went high 290's down run and went to return and reported got into a bad wobble, went on its side and pencil rolled. Rocky is OK. Dont know the extent of damage yet.

You can also follow this thread on the message board

September 1, 2007

Landracing.com will NOT be at the event. There will be no updates, pictures or commentary from this site for the event. A shipping error from Haltech for a needed ECU for our race bike was not tagged properly for delivery. It was to be shipped overnight Saturday delivery with AM service and it was shipped just overnight and with Holiday on Monday means we won't get it till Tuesday... So with that we will not be attending... This will be the first Salt Flats scheduled event I will miss since 1998. Im going to go puke now because this just makes me sick...



August 30th 2007 - Thursday

Race course looks great. We now have a 8 mile course ready to be run on. This will start at the 2.5 mile on the international course shown on the course map. There is also enough room to run the Run Watcha Brung vehicles on a seperate course on the mountain side. Also displayed on the map. Access road is getting dry with limited pools of water. Next updates will be be here starting Saturday with pictures and commentary to follow. Racing starts on Sunday the 2nd of September.

August 28th 2007- Tuesday

The salt has noticably dried further today- though we still have that problem spot between 6 and 7. We are working to devise a drain meathod in the hopes that it will also dry, however we are now grooming the SCTA courses for use of those as our other possibility.
ACCESS ROAD: There is still some standing water at the access road. It is a bit dried then previously.

August 27th 2007- Monday

The weather front that came through yesterday really helped the course- though we were worried otherwise! There was very little moisture and a lot of wind. The course has dried considerably, especially the problem spot between the 6 and 7 mile. The 0-2 has also dried- though both areas still need to dry a bit more to be usable. Once again the forecast looks hot for the immediate future. We are still exploring alternative options to get the best course possible.
ACCESS ROAD: the wind was of great benefit to the access road. There is still some standing water however it is shallow enough to see where to go (and where not to).

August 26th 2007- Sunday

Conditions are about the same as there were yesterday with a few trouble spots. We are still exploring our alternative options as the salt is not drying as fast as we would like on the interational course, and there is not enough room for our RWB course at this moment.

August 25th 2007- Saturday

The current status of the International course is:
0 - 2.5 - Standing water
2.5 - 6.25 - Dry enough to use
6.25 - 6.75- damp patch
6.75 - 10 - Dry enough to use
10+ Unusable. The salt crust here is too thin, and it is still wet. even if it dries we may not be able to use this area as there is visible mud and the salt crust is to thin to walk on.
We are also looking at alternative courses now that the salt had dried more. ACCESS ROAD- there is no visible improvement at the access road.

August 24th 2007- Friday

Today the salt is a bit drier, which is noticeable (not sticking to shoes as much). We have gained about 1/2 a mile so now the 0-1.5 is the only part that is really wet. There is a damp patch at the 7 to 7.5mile, and 10 on is still wet. Over all it looks to be drying more.
ACCESS ROAD- the access road ranges from 2" deep to 1 foot in some places. It extend quite far out from the access road. There may be a place a little further up the road that motorcycle can access to avoid some of the water- however we are not sure at this stage how feasible that is.

August 23rd 2007- Thursday

Due to easterly wind last night and a few drops of rain the water has moved over the first 2 miles of the International Course (0-2). The water there is about an inch deep. The water at the access road is also very deep. Currently we have about 8 miles that have dried enough to work with the drags. It is still damp but this has allowed us to smooth out a lot of the surface that was effected by previous events and is now looking a lot smoother in that section.

August 22nd 2007- Wednesday

The salt is a perhaps a little drier today- though it is hard to tell. Cooper is on the course and is able to do some dragging and the course is smoothing out nicely- we just have to see it dry. He is working 10 Miles of course.

August 21st 2007- Tuesday

Not a lot has changed from yesterday- the salt has dried a bit more overall. There is still standing water in those areas mentioned yesterday. We would describe this as a film of water covering those patches. Again Cooper is laying out the course, checking previous surveryer markers to exactly locate the timed section etc. August 20th 2007

We have another report- and conditions are looking much better. The wind worked its magic yesterday and the 'lake' has cleared up quite a bit. Here is the status of the International course: Numbers represent mile markers:
0- Very damp (footprints fill with water)
1-2- Standing water
3-5- Damp and sticky, but workable to repair damage from speedweek
6-7- Standing water
7-10- Damp
10-11- Standing water.
Cooper will be working to drag the small section we have available. There is still large holes and standing water at the 'boat ramp' which we will attempt to fix if it dries more closer to our start date. The forecast is clear for this week, hot and dry.

August 19th 2007

It rained again las night (it was forecast) and the track has more water on it than yesterday. Ken Cooper (Our track guy) couldn't see where the holes were to drive out there and look further (don't want to risk getting stuck) so we are going to wait until tomorrow to check further. Looking at the weather forecast there does not look to be much weather coming through in the coming week with higher temperatures and wind. Again- we will post here everyday to let you know what we do and give you our honest assessment of the conditions. We still have 2 weeks, so at this point we will not give the official 'no-go' until we get much closer to the event (30th or 31st August). We have seen Bonneville do some amazing drying in a short amount of time, and we will need to assess the relocation of our course if necessary.

August 18th 2007

Speedweek is now over and our track prep guy is on the salt. It rained last night and the place is flooded again. There are huge potholes and problems at the access road due to the traffic. We are hoping to repair enough of this so that we have a better passage for access. Our International long course is badly damaged for the first few miles. While is it is still a little early to tell, the forcast is looking positive and we will be checking the salt daily and placing our updates here. We will endeavor to place the updates by 12 noon each day so that you can check in and get the latest information. Our best hope at this point is to get an 8 mile International Course and the 3 mile RWB course, but realistically it is looking more like and 5 International and 3 RWB course.

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