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Time Until World Finals 2020
Guest Speaker Jim Travis / Glen Barrett PhotoThe 6th Annual Northwest Bonneville Reunion was held February 16th and 17th in Portland, Oregon.  Founded and organized by Glenn Freudenberger, a longtime figure in the landracing community, the event welcomed 90+ landracing enthusiasts.
The event began with a "Ladies Chat Session" on Friday evening.  The session was hosted by Dr. Jeannie Pflum, who graciously answered all of the women's health questions raised by those in attendance.  Along with being a successful doctor, Pflum is also a proud member of the Bonneville 300 MPH Chapter of the 200 MPH Club.
Jason McVicars 1650cc MPS-BF motorcycle / Glen Barrett PhotoOn  Saturday Jason McVicar from BC, Canada brought his 240+ mph motorcycle to put in the lobby of the Shilo in for display. Thank you Jason for bringing that beautifull bike to display during the reunion.
Keilani Amo who filled in for Cris Shearer, who couldn't make the event this year, worked the registration table and greated each and every attendee. She handed out a special gift to the ladies who attended from Jack and Jackie Dolan. He had  pink carnations delivered one day air from California just for the event, thank you Jack and Jackie
Freudenberger started of the banquet by recognizing some of those in attendence, with special gifts and prizes.  And one of the special people was a young lady, Victoria Haller, this was her first banquet. She missed past  year reunions due to having some health problems including a heart valve replacement. She looks great Haller family, you have done a great job. She helped draw numbers for those lucky winners of give aways. 
Jess Thomas / Glen Barrett photoAnother person who needs recognition is Jess Thomas. Thomas is still the youngest person to ever gain entrance into the Bonneville 200 mph club, in 1958 going 214 mph in a motorcycle streamliner at age 17. 
Current 200 MPH Club members in the room were asked to stand. As Freudenberger asked what decade you got into the club, first 2000 to present, he told them to sit down. Then it was from the 1990's, those members sit down. He got all the way to the 1950's, Thomas was the last person standing in the room. He was presented with a brand new never worn 200 MPH Club hat. The smile was from ear to ear.
Jim Travis visual display / Glen Barrett photoThe rest of the evening brought the main event of the reunion - the guest speaker.  Jim Travis of Whittier, California, was the guest speaker this year, and regaled the audience with stories of his experiences restoring historic racing vehicles, including Mickey Thompson's Challenger.  Travis also shared some anecdotes from his stint as a consultant during the production of the film "World's Fastest Indian."  Travis also brought visual material spread out on two 8ft tables of cars he has restored and historic pictures of vehicles had has owned, rebuilt and raced during his career.
One photo by Michael Leuders of sunrise at Bonneville / Glen Barrett photoAfter Travis was completed with his stories, Glen Barrett held the yearly auction. Michael Leuders had two breathtaking pictures framed and matted of the sunrise on the salt. These were auctioned off, Art Dick and Joe Boardman were the lucky high bidders.
The event was a success, and a good time was had by all.  Many thanks to Glenn Freudenberger for his hard work.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion next year.
Next years reunion is Feb 23, 2008. Stay tuned to landracing.com for the updates on that next year.

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