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Impound Insights
El Mirage June 2010
By Dan Warner

The June meet was a welcome change in weather from what we have been experiencing recently. The temps were a tolerable high 70s to low 80s and the wind, while present, was minimal.

There were no new Dirty Two members, El Mirage 200 MPH Club, again this meet.

There were 12 car and 4 motorcycle records set at the meet. Rick Yacoucci drove the Costella-Yacoucci XF/BFS to a second record and Top Speed of the meet at 238 MPH, a 9 MPH bump on the old record.
Michele Brading drove the Costella-Dennee K/FL to record of 145.6, a move of 4.5 MPH and second in overall points. Jim Lattin’s grandson, Bill Lattin’s son, Billy Lattin made two passes. The first was a couple of tenths under the record, the second run added a solid 4 MPH to the V4F/Str class at 114. Ruth Lundring was in Eric Hannson’s XF/BGS belly tank and ran a fine 199.5 on her first run. Ruth ran into some trouble on her second pass in the late afternoon due to poor course conditions. She is well on the way to becoming only the second woman to qualify for El Mirage 200 MPH Club membership. John Rank and the Salty Dogs Racing AA/GMR showed up in the same class as last meet and upped their May record to 223.5. Tyler Osborn and Dad Monte ran their beautiful ’37 Ford two door with Ferguson Ardun power to a new XX/VGAlt class record for the Ferguson Osborn team. Dennis Mariani added 18 MPH to last month’s new F/StR record with a great 168 MPH pass. This meet it was John Beck’s turn in the Vintage Hot Rod C/BStr class and John got the team a solid 202 record. Russ Eyres had a chance in the Eyres Moreland Eyres H/BFR and ran a 152 against the 150 class minimum. Daniel Butler took over Doug Macmillan’s seat in the Hondata RSX in the G/BGAlt class setting the record at 185 against the old 179 mark. Assistant starter Miriam Macmillan took a few moments to drive her Hondata CRX to a new record in the F/FCC class at 168 MPH, an 8 MPH jump. Doug Kruse brought out his Cobalt for its debut run in the H/PS class and set the record at 135.7 MPH, just 7 tenths over the minimum.

Over at the Motorcycle Impound we found Len Jones, 500-P-PP, setting the record at 113.3 a close .3 over the minimum. Derek McLeish was still stuck inside of the Team McLeish Bros 750-SCS-G streamliner so he decided to up last month’s record to 152 MPH. David Isley kept the same 1350-SC-PG configuration as last month and upped his record to 153 MPH. Kent Riches set the 750-SC-F record over 11 MPH higher than the minimum to 153 MPH.

So far this year the record count has been somewhat down, the good thing is that some of those pesky minimums are being superseded. Congratulations to all record setters at this meet. The July meet is sure to be hot, from the weather standpoint and from the competition of the racers. Good luck to all on July 11th, I hope everyone has a safe and fast meet.

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