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Time Until El Mirage
El Mirage 200MPH Club
By Dan Warner

November 16, 2008

The last event of the season saw three more members added to the club roster.

Several wild fires kept the entry down for awhile. I left my house at 4:30 AM on Saturday morning and spent 3 hours on my trip to the lakebed, usually a 1.5 hour trip. We heard stories of some competitors unable to get to El Mirage due to road closures.....

....and a couple had to leave because their families had been evacuated.

All that aside, the two-day meet went well. According to Ed at the SCTA website there were 151 entries. A wind came up Saturday afternoon which shut the meet down early and allowed for a relocation of the course. Sunday had a late afternoon wind and a race track that was going away which shut us down before sunset. But, in comparison to last year this was a good event.

Ferguson Racing put David Kirsch, the Rod Rider president, in their XXF/BGS for a record of 218 and a new Dirty Two hat. This is the third driver to gain club membership in this car this year. Bob Button drove his Purple Hazexpress D/BGMR to fine 225 record to enter the club. This beautiful car is the ex-Seth Hammond modified roadster. Jim Higgins rode his 750-APS-BG Hayabusa to a new class record of 206 to become the final member of the club this season.

A brief recap of our new members shows Scott McLeod in May, Gil Gillis in June, and Chris Field in Sept. In October we gained Bob Nakonieczny, Troy Cochran and Wm. T. Smith. November finished with David Kirsch, Bob Button and Jim Higgins. Three of the mentioned, Chris, Bob N. and David were in the Ferguson Racing streamliner. Gil and Bob B. in Modified roadsters. Wm T.(aka Sparky) in a lakester and Troy in a Production Supercharged Mitshubishi. Only Scott and Jim were on motorcycles. Congratulations all!! Welcome to the club.

Other club members doing well at the meet include: Russ Eyres in the Eyres Moreland Noonan H/GMR at 146 mph. Bob Moreland driving the Moreland Noonan Lux G/BGRMR to a 189 record, 29 mph over the class minimum, more on Bob later. John Beck had his turn in the Vintage Hot Rod D/BStR and set a record of 200.9, only .3 mph of an increase in the class, but well take it. On the motorcycle side John Noonan again set records on two separate bikes, the Noonan/Moreland/Derwin 1650-SC-BF at 207 and the Noonan/Derwin Racing 1000-A-BF at 207 also. Kent Riches probably had the most looked at vehicle on the lakebed. The Riches Nelson MDR electric bike made its debut and set a Omega-APS record of 125. This rig was built from first cut to wheels on the track in just nine days.

The season championships were finalized at this meet with Bob Moreland and John Noonan involved with the number one and number two cars and bikes. Their Hayabusa engines were used in the #493 Moreland Noonan Lux(number one car) and the Eyres Moreland Noonan #2 roadster(number two car, fourth overall). On the motorcycle side the number one bike is the #1B of Noonan/Moreland/Derwin and number two bike(third overall) is Noonan/Derwin Racing, #539B. A job well done and a great season for these hard chargers.

The club wishes each and everyone a Happy Holiday season and we hope to see you added to our roster during the 2009 season.

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