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Bonneville Salt Flats Speedweek Commentary 2000

August 18th, 2000 - NO daily runs were ran due to lack of racers. There were about 4 record runs ran in the morning at that concluded the week, Stay tuned for the Speedweek recap of events here on the site.

August 17th, 2000 - Team Amo did it again, made something out of nothing. After breaking a connecting rod, (Still under investigation), two motors (one ZX-10 on ZX-11) and buckets full of spare parts they made themselves another engine to run, a junkyard motor. They qualified with that motor at 193 mph in the 3 - 4 mile, running out of nitrous half way thru. Jack Costella after a hard week with the 3.0 motors, then having a fire in the pits. Decided what hell, threw in the big block and went 295 mph. Now how's that for a couple of hours of work. Hats off to that crew. Doug Meyer ran out of time with his ZX12R getting to a top speed of 197 mph. He had found his problem to late in the week, look for his return at World Finals. Pits emptied in a hurry leaving only about two dozen racers the last day.

August 16th, 2000 - Well I apologize for missing a day of updates I was so busy. The first Annual Salt Talks gathering went very well. Have a few t-shirts available. If you would like one email me. Well the Factory Pontiac Bonneville driven by Cook went 196 and had a problem with a parachute. Al Teague went 395 out the back mile on his beautiful run. Joe Amo bumped his record from 185 up to 191.5 mph. There was one wreck on the long course I do not have any information on this vehicle. The pits are getting very thin. I hope the will run into Friday. I believe last year they closed down Thursday. I think there is one course left on long course. Big kudos goes out to Ron Christenson that ran the AM RADIO all by himself this year. I love hearing his commentary. There was an Infinity Q45 that ran a 192 average with a Indy motor that was given to them for Bonneville, and he purchased this beautiful car for $1 The Hayabusa motorcycles were running strong all meet, the ZX12Rs are still running, but it has been the Hayabusa Meet thus far. Jason McVicar is running strong on his 1000cc motorcycle. Flatfire burned a motor and left. The Joint Venture team also burned a motor on the first day, first run. E-Z-Hook streamliner did not make the meet. 
Tons of runs, hopefully there is still some runs in the Burklands streamliner to go after the wheel driven record held by the Turbinator. Doug Meyer with his ZX12R has been tuning his bike, so far 193 is best but he still is working on it and inching his way up. The British brought a ZX12R over and have done a 190 mph passes with it, bone stock from showroom floor. Jack Costella is working on getting the Turbo Nissan up to par for a great run in the Nebulous Theorem III. Its been very hot and course conditions are still getting better, a little storm came thru Tuesday night but missed the salt. Keith Turk, and Ed Van Scoy have packed up and left for home. They both had a great meet. The Phoenix has had an unbelievable meet setting records in the 240 mph range. The Black Radon sounds awesome and is running strong they are just getting started. Larry Forstall his packing up for a historic meet for him, getting in the 200 mph club after 25 years of racing, he is now retired from the sport. I hope is still around in future meets. Henry Louie made an appearance, it was good to see this legend come on out for a few days. Scott Guthrie also took a ride on one of Forstalls Hayabusas' and made a pass at 211 mph out the back mile. This is the fastest one of these bikes has ever run.

August 14th, 2000 - Again another hot, and very good day on the salt. First off would like to correct a time that Jack Costella ran, he ran a 226 and qualified for the record, and today he backed it up with a 223 average. He blew a rod in the process but the Nissan 3.0 Turbo is going in as we speak at the hotel for their crew. And yesterday Doug Meyer ran a 191 pass and is making some major tune up procedures to go after another run again Tuesday. Team Amo had one of the first runs when the long course was moved around noon on Monday, nothing but wheel spin the course was soft, there were also a couple of spins on the long course after they moved it. There was one motorcycle wreck on the short course, he was air lifted to Salt Lake City I will report the rider of the vehicle as I get the information on it. Les Ranger drove Tom Neimeyers bike to a record of 156.656 mph. He made anther pass on it today at 178 mph on the 1350 M/BF bike. Ed Van Scoy running his Corvette in the C/GT class to a new record of 211 mph, he ran again today and is back in impound. Russ Meeks ran another 154 mph pass putting him in impound.

August 13th, 2000 - Wow what a day, full of events. First off the best part of the day was during record runs. Both Larry Forstall and Rick Yacoucci had qualified for a record in the MPS-G 1350cc class (Larry 200mph, Rick 204mph), during the morning runs a gentlemen's agreement was made to let Larry run first due to he had the lower speeds and the probable fact he would not run as fast a Rick. So Larry Forstall ran and set the new record at 200 mph, getting Larry into the 200 mph club after 25 years, he finally made it. A huge hand to Rick for letting a live time dream come true for Larry. Then moments later Rick had run and set the record at 201 mph. Keith Turk had made an exit speed pass at 216 mph, and toasted the motor on the next run. Joe Amo and some cylinder problems that has him putting a fresh set of pistons, rings, cylinder and head on the ZX-10/11/12. Mountain States Automation, Team 1000, had finally got "Stainless" running the lakester and got him in impound with a 221 mph pass, a successful run in the morning would get him into the 200 mph club. Ed Van Scoy backed up his run for a new record in his class. The Fergesons with their Black Radon car had made a license pass late in the afternoon. Al Teague made a test run, then another at 386 mph. (estimated). Fastest car of the day and meet at this point. The Phoenix had set the Diesel unlimited record from 226 to around 245 mph. WOW that is a real treat to see that run. Jack Costella got into impound again with the 3.0 Nissan motor at a speed of 185mph in the Nebulous Theorem III. Also Nebulous Theo rum II driven by Jim True is in impound with a 221 mph pass. 

August 12th, 2000- Very hot day Saturday. Racing started when it was supposed to around 11:30 - 12:00. A couple 300mph passes. Fastest time of the day was DRM Racing with a 321 mph pass with AA/BFL. Congratulations on that run. Jack Costella went 164 F/FS class on a open record and shut it down with a electrical problem, that qualified them for the open record to be backed up tomorrow morning. Ed Van Scoy running his Corvette ran 211 mph and qualified for a new record. Nebulous Theo rum II ran by Jim True also qualified for a record in the I/GS class with a 223 mph run on a 217 record. Rick Yacoucci ran a 204 mph run on his MPS/G Hayabusa on a 195 mph record. In the same class Larry Forstall ran a 200 mph pass which also qualified him for the same record. Russ Meeks has his daughter running his roadster and had some shifting problems. Keith Turk let his brother in law pilot his car for a first time pass at 153 mph. The Burklands are reported ready to run tomorrow with their dual engine blown streamliner which is reported to be able to achieve speeds in the 450 - 500 mph, a great contender for the wheel driven record at 427 mph. Joe Amo on his MPS/F 1000cc bike with aftermarket ZX12R body work ran a test run of 178 mph, they will be ready in the morning to go after a 200 mph pass. 

August 11th, 2000- Arrived at Bonneville late Thursday night. Made my way to the salt early Friday morning. Great looking salt conditions, little damp, buy hey tons better than last year with the rain. Traveled thru the pits, lots of people here already with lots more to come. Motorcycle inspection was very slow, but all other inspection areas were flowing very nice. The car that stood out most to me was the Burklands #411 car. This is a dual engine, dual blown AA/Blown Fuel Streamliner. This is a very slippery looking car with speeds capable of 450+ mph and could be the new Wheel Driven Land Speed Record holder held by Don Vesco's Turbinator at 427 mph. As for the bike seen, lots of Hayabusa's I counted 5 just in what I had seen. There a 3 new ZX-12R bikes. I will report more on this later tonight. Keep checking back for the updates. Pictures from today coming later tonight keep checking in.

August 10th 2000- Everything looks like a go. Good salt reports, good weather, and hopefully lots of team there this year. Don Vesco and the Turbinator will not be running at Bonneville this year, during speedweek. Reports of the Nish #444 streamliner will not be running either.
July 20th 2000 - Sounds like a big storm went thru Wendover but did not harm the salt condition. Sound like around the 9 mile marker the salt is just starting to get small pressure ridges. I will keep updating this page up to, and during Bonneville Speedweek. 
July 10th 2000 - Salt conditions are reported as drying very nice, hard salt conditions with the possibility of a longer coarse this year. Will keep you updated as I get information on the conditions.

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