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Time Until El Mirage

Impound Insights by Dan Warner

Nov 2012

The final meet of the year, a two dayer - was ... great! Typical cold fall weather on the desert was present, low temps, and slight(?) winds greeted us on Friday for inspection. I read there were 108 entries for the two days.

The fantastic news is that there was 25 car and 12 motorcycle records set. Two new members for the El Mirage 200 MPH club were presented with their Merlot colored hats. Ryan LeFevers joined his brother Kevin in the club. Ryan drove the families' LeFevers & Jesel C/GMR at 216, breaking Kevin's 213 record. Scott Goetz was in the Aardema Braun Goetz V4/BFS and ran a very nice 209. Scott and the team capped off a very successful salt season with this run. Congratulations guys, you have joined Eric Eyres, Dan Waldrop, Ed Fenn, James Rice and Fabin Valdez as the class of 2012.

With one record pending there are 22 more car records to account for: Rick Yacoucci ran two passes at 258+ mph in the Costella-Yacoucci-Waters C/FS. Dennis Mariani took the Mariani Farms E/FS to a new record of 226. Ed Fenn brought along a couple of partners and drove the Fenn Motorsports & Davis & Warnock D/FL to a new class record of 226. This broke the long standing record of Carr & Kaplan. We haven't seen Don Carr in many years as he has found another calling and Barry Kaplan passed away a few years ago. Moving on to the roadster classes we find Mark Lintner, last year's championship driver, back in the Edwall Eyres Lintner H/BFMR setting yet another record at 186, very strong for a Haybusa engine in a '29 roadster. The Burns-Callaway-Warnock entry was driven by 300 MPH Pete Prentice to a 148 record. I guess regular driver Paula Burns was unavailable this weekend. Mariani Farms opened their stacker trailer and found the A/GR 1934 Ford roadster on the top shelf. They decided to unload the car, enter the class as Mariani-Jesel, put Super Dave Silveira in the seat and poke out a new class record of 220 mph. Robert Sights got the nod in the LTD Sights Racing H/BStR. Robert ran to a new 135 record before heading to his own car. Richard Reed turned up with his R2 Racin' V4F/StR and gain a new record at 119 mph. The Vintage classes had the XXF/VFCC of BMR-Ferguson Racing with Neil McAlister driving. The bright yellow '32 five window coupe with the flathead/Ferguson Ardun heads ran at 173 mph. The #69 Lattin & Gillette American Austin coupe ran in the V4F/VGC class this meet. Young Billy Lattin again took the wheel and bumped his own record to 104 mph. The V4/VOT sprint car of Klos Sutliff Spacek set the record to 127 running against the 125 minimum, Gary Sutliff in the seat. The Cohn Jucewic Monza set a record of 204 in the B/CGC class with Bob Jucewic driving. The little I/GCC Suburu 360 of Foley Phelps Kilger, at their second meet, set the class record to 114.7, .2 mph over the old record. Axle Foley says there is a lot left. Harris & Wester, Richard Ross at the wheel, set the XXO/BFAlt record to 184. The polished GMC with the Arias 12 port head and blower is a thing of beauty, take a look next time you are at the lakes. Miriam Macmillan, she who does all, got a chance to drive her Hondata CRX to a new F/FAlt record 183. Pete Prentice, mentioned above, got in his regular ride - the Warnock Racing Honda in the J/FAlt class and ran the record to 112. Hondata has teamed with Hasport in the Hasport Hondata H/BGMS class with Craig Corbin driving. The team bumped up last month's record to 167 mph. Team McLeish Bro, Derek McLeish up, once again set a record, this time in I/BGMS at an amazing 160 mph. This run secured the#1 position in the championship for the team. Congrats to all involved. White Goose Bar Racing truck, as seen in Hot Rod, was on a roll this weekend. Set a 180 record on Saturday then could not grab the ground on a second run. Sunday morning over coffee the team brain trust decided to not touch the tuneup and ran 182 in zero wind on the relocated course. Keith Pederson was driving, done and done! The Brew 102 '53 Ford coupe with the Ford inline 6 ran in the XO/Pro class with a new entry name; Thorbatreykal, try to pronounce that one! Gerry Reynolds was at the wheel and set the record at 135+. Ed Van Scoy came back from AZ to run his Corvette once again. Ed raised his record from last month to 213 mph. Finally, last but not least, Tom Sauter and crew also came from AZ with their E/DT entry. The Dodge Dakota truck runs a small Cummins diesel and scoots along pretty good at 121 mph. Whew-that is a lot of typing.

Rick Yacoucci took top speed of the year for cars at 258.024. Derek McLeish and the Team McLeish Bros team took the number one points championship as mentioned.


Twelve records over at the Motorcycle Impound: Mark Summitt rode his Harley-Aermacchi in 350-A-PG class to a new 116 record. Also in the 350cc engine category was Jill Iverson on her Jill Iverson Indian. This month Jill was entered in the 350-APS-VG class and set the record to 103. Randy Nelson was running in 500-A-PBG class and was good at 144 mph. Petit Cathy Butler was on husband Van's Van Butler Racing bike and set the 650-A-F record at 179.000, hard to hit those triple zeros. I did it in 1992 at 200.000 for a record. Back to the bikes, Laird Smith on the Laird Smith 650-A-PG Triumph ran 129. Ralph Leclercq returned to the dirt with his Honda Racing 650-P-P entry turning a fine 170 speed. Len Jones switched class with his sidecar rig, this meet Len was in 650-SC-PG class and set the record to 134. This cemented Len's position as the 2012 motorcycle champion. Jeannie Pflum was on the Pflum and Wager 1000-A-F bike tuned by Jamie Wagner. Jeannie ran a record speed of 189. John Noonan was on the 1350-APS-BF entry of Noonan/Noonan/Moreland and set a record at 250 plus. Tom Foley got his first record on his Foley Racing 1350-SC-VG rig at 129 mph. In the 3000cc engine category Jay Allen Racing, with Jay Allen in the saddle, entered the 3000-A-PG class and set the record at 177. The electric bike war seems to be gaining voltage and spark. Last month Dusty Vargas set a good record in the Omega-APS class in the 170s. This month Jim Hoogerhyde rode the Lighting Motors entry to a very fast 189 record.

John Noonan set fastest speed of the year for motorcycles at 250.806. Len Jones won the motorcycle championship.

All in all a great year - let's hope for a kind off season with some lakebed repair courtesy of Mother Nature. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and best wishes during our down time. See everyone at El Mirage again in May 2013.

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